Wednesday, September 24, 2014



Sometime in 2003, I just transferred to a new house in a modest subdivision in Davao and living with an officemate. Manny is an outgoing type that usually goes home late in the night or wee hours in the morning. For security purposes, I prefer to double lock the main door and would not mind him waking me up upon his return rather than him using his key. I guess growing up in the metropolis prompted this attitude. So one night he woke me up around 1:00am. He was so drunk that he went straight to his sofa bed. I had the bedroom for myself. He turned on the cassette before retiring to let the music play as he is accustomed to such habit.

As I entered my bedroom, lights from the outside illuminates the surrounding perimeter and my windows are of clear glass, I saw from the adjacent lot which is vacant and a makeshift basketball court of our subdivision, something that I never thought I would see in my entire life. Up on the goal board holding the basketball ring an old lady with white long hair wearing an all black blouse. I couldn't see her lower body part and it seemed that she was suspended in the air. She had fangs and as if she is sniffing the air looking for something. She didn't look that scary at first glance but when I realized what she was it scared me so much that I woke up my officemate so I would have someone who would witness it too. As I went to where my officemate was sleeping, the door closed automatically due to the hydrolic attachments. It made a significant thud and when I looked back at the "thing" she was gone.

The following morning I heard that one of our neighbor who was pregnant was rushed to the hospital around 2:00am and had a miscarriage. (Courtesy: Yourghoststories)

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