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This one happened to me when I was in college. My parents sent me to stay in a boys' dormitory in Quezon City. It was a newly renovated building that once belongs to the Carmelite Sisters.

The Hall, we are used to call it has 5 floors. The building was made of full concrete which means the ceilings and walls are concrete and the floors in marbles. From the 2nd floor to the 5th floor are the dormitories. On the ground floor there is our refectory/canteen, a small fancy chapel and a reception. Each room has 4sets of beds and a small closet/cabinet. At the foot of the beds there's our study table with a cabinet on top of it. Beside the table there's a wash basin and the bathroom.

We are the pioneers in that dormitory so we heard a lot of freaky stories from people who have been finishing the building.

One day on my first year, I had just arrived from school and headed right away to my room. My room was in the third floor then. I was in a hurry because I just bought a couple of "Archie and Jug head" comic books. As I lay in bed and reading one of the comic books I heard a noise coming from the ceiling. The noise sounded like someone was tossing coins on the ceiling.

I went to the room upstairs the one on top of my room to check who was tossing the coins. Apparently the room was closed. I went back to my room and continued reading but there it was again. It was so annoying that I went back to the same room and even checked the other rooms but there was nobody. Some windows were open and I saw that they were empty. It seemed that I was the only one who went home early because I went downstairs and checked in the log book. The occupants of those rooms were not yet logged-in.

Anyway, a year passed and I was now occupying a different room. But one day I passed by a group of students who were hanging out sharing some ghost or freaky stories. One boy shared his freaky story that he often hears coins being tossed on the ceiling but nobody was in the rooms on top of his. I asked the boy where he is staying and it was in the same room where I stayed before. (Courtesy:Yourghoststories)

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