Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Farm in Argao, Cebu City


All of us know that death comes unexpected. Some of those who died has unfinished business. Some of them don't know that they are already dead. Some are just hanging around and some are searching the place where they can be in peace. Lost Soul. This is my second ghost sight experience in my high school days in Argao, Cebu City.

My friends and I used to watch events especially if there is a feast. That night, I think I'm sick. I mean, I'm having a fever. I don't really feel well. In a minute, my friends call out to me and said that were about to leave. I try to ignore what I feel and go out with them. We were about to pass the bridge leading to a farm ("bukid") because that is the easy way to go the event. As we walk I suddenly feel more uncomfortable. My friends are chatting and laughing while I stay silent. We were about to turn path when I caught sight of a man, somewhat in his mid-60's wearing Barong Tagalog and black formal pants or may I say it's something like that since it was dark already and I can't clearly see if that really is a pants. I couldn't clearly see his face. Maybe because it's dark already or I don't feel well, that I thought he has no feet or I may say he was floating. I look at my friends to ask if they see what I saw but they were so busy chatting. I decided not to ask them because they might not believe me. I turn to look at the man again but it was gone. I told my friends that I'm not feeling well and one of my friends touches my forehead. I know that it was a lost soul. They said that it was good for me to just rest at home so I decided to walk home alone since it was not that far.

As I pass the bridge again, I felt a cold wind rushing around me. I thought I was going to faint because of the fear and fever overcoming me. Thanks to the man riding a bicycle because the cold wind was gone just when he passed the bridge with me. I went home safely and puzzled by that incident while I lay on my bed. (Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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