Saturday, May 23, 2015

An Angel of Light? (From Palawan)

From: Google

When I was a little girl, my cousins and I used to go to a little forest in Palawan that we go around to and just mess around. We knew every step of our way to that forest. We never really got lost or got hurt there but one really gray day at about 12:00, we decided to just go out and play at the same spot we always play at. It started to rain just as we were about to play hide and seek. We tried to ignore it and just kept playing, but we couldn't and it started to fog and rain harder and harder every time. We tried to head home but it was too foggy to find our way.

Then about 200 yards away from me I saw a light. It looked like a figure of a little girl about 5 years old. I never saw the face but I knew that it was our way out. So I told my cousins to follow me and they did. It turned left and right so we followed every step of the way. As I came closer the light grew lighter. Then it was gone. Just then I noticed that we were finally on a road that lead to our home. I was so glad. But I kept thinking about that little girl. It must have been an angel because it helped us find our way home. (Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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