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While waiting for my visa, I decided to go back to school and took a quick computer course, and there I met Leo, (not his real name) he was really nice & friendly and we became the best of friends almost instantly, he was so fond of me, he said I reminded him of his girlfriend who was in another city taking up nursing, they didn't get to spend much time together because of their conflicting schedules, they were only able to see each other once a month. I've realized how much he loved his girlfriend because she is all he could think of and was always our topic of conversation, he shared all his plans for their future with me even his plan of marriage proposal, he planned to do it on her 21st birthday.

Then one day, I woke up really early, I think it was around 4:30am and the very first thing that came to my mind was him. I didn't pay any attention to it and tried to go back to sleep but every time I closed my eyes I would see his face, I was like, this is weird! I was able to go back to sleep but woke up late, around 7:20, my Class was starting at 8am so I hurried up and took a quick shower and while in the shower I was seeing his face again! It started to bother me!

I was on my way to class when I saw him, I thought his face was blurry but I still could see his eyes for some reason... He passed me and kept going down the stairs without saying a word, I asked him where he was going and that we are already late but no reply.

I went to the classroom and it was unusually quiet! Everybody was there except for him and the teacher so I went to my seat and waited, when the teacher came, he announced that Leo's was gone: (he was found by his dad hanging from the ceiling, in his room around 6:00AM. All I could think was, am I dreaming? I just saw him! This couldn't be real!

That night, I went to the wake with some of our classmates, I found out from his sister that he hung himself because his girlfriend left him for another guy and that the girlfriend was seeing the guy for 10 months already before she decided to break it off with him. I also found out that he actually passed away around 4:30AM, the very same time that I woke up that morning thinking of HIM.

I know it's been more than 10 years but I am still thinking of him, still praying for his soul. (Courtesy: yourghoststories )

A WOMAN IN BLACK (Zamboanga Del Norte High School)

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have so many unexplainable experiences since then. This story that I'm about to share happened when I was in Junior High School. Our school is located away from the City Proper (in one of the Cities in Zamboanga del Norte). Our building was located at the back most part of the campus and we (the Juniors) were occupying the 2nd floor of that building. And our section was occupying the left-most room in that floor (when facing the Jr.-Sr. Building). The building in front of us, has 3 floors (1st floor- Clinic, Guidance office, faculty office; 2nd- MAPEH room and Journalism room; 3rd- School Band Room).

One day, we stayed late in school because we were tasked to clean our classroom. We were about 18 who started cleaning. When we were about to go, we gather in one circle to plan about the surprise for our teacher. We were talking about buying food or flowers for her, when we've already decided to buy flowers, we tried to do a head count so we'll know how much we're going to contribute. (I started the counting going left). In the middle of our counting, we got confused on our numbers, so we started again. This time, the person in my right, started as number 1 going right. So I was the last to say a number, when I'm about to utter my number, cold air passes by but we just ignored it. When I said 13 (the last number) we pause for a while and we looked at each other when suddenly Ikay screamed because she got just scared. We all got panic thinking that it's not a good number and so we hurriedly ran going away our room. While we were running, we felt we ran so fast but yet, we were going slow. It felt like someone was holding my feet that time that I had a hard time moving forward. When we reached outside our building, we pause for a while and waited for the others. We noticed that we were the only ones left in that area. Ikang, who was looking at the music room (the building in front of us) suddenly said, 'keep going guys! Don't stop walking!' We all got curious as to why she's been telling us to keep going while she was keeping her eye on the music room. So we followed where she was looking at. And we all see it except Ikay. So we shouted and ran as fast as we could until we reach the guard house.

We were all scared that time that we're about to cry because of fear and we were catching our breaths. Ikay, who wasn't able to see what we've seen was crying. But she still asked us what really happened. Ikang told us that she saw a woman in black staring straight on us. With the looks like she's mad on us. Then she asked us, 'have you really seen that guys?'. Then I said, 'Yes. I actually seen her when we were upstairs but I just ignored it thinking I am just imagining things.'

Then one of our school guards went near us and asked us what happened because Ikay, would not stop crying. We told the guard what happened and we've seen. Then he told us, 'dah! Mao na. Amo ingon na ayaw jud mo pag dugay2x ug uli. Maayo nalang kay igo ra mo gitan aw.' (See! That's why we kept on telling you not to stay late in school. Good thing she just looked at you.) Out of our curiousity we asked the guard,'Ngano diay Kuya, unsa pa iya pwede buhaton unta?' (Why Guard? What else can she do to us?) But the guard just said, we better go before night falls. But before we left, he shared to us that the woman we saw was the one who've been playing the piano at our music room in the middle of the night.

We then left school but still we were in state of shock. But in back of our minds, we were still curious as to who's she and why she's been haunting the music room. (Courtesy: Yourghoststories)

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am a nurse who currently works in one of the biggest hospitals here in the Philippines. Being a nurse entitles us to go to work in shifts of 8 hours daily.

When I was still a college student 5 years ago, we used to have clinical duties in different locations somewhere in Luzon areas here in the Philippines. Being a nursing student, it was considered to be a requirement for us to finish at least 2 weeks of hospital duty in one location before being assigned to another new one.

My experience happened during one of these times. Our duty in the hospital that time was somewhere in Ilocos. It was a district hospital near the main highway. It was situated in a small town near the sea. Our assigned duty was 4 pm to 12 midnight. Since we were originally from Baguio which is at least 3 hours by bus, we decided to stay at a house near the hospital for the duration of our duty.

During the third day of our hospital duty, as we were coming home at past 12 midnight, my classmates and I with 2 of our ci's (clinical instructor) were walking along a narrow path towards the house when my ci suddenly grabbed my elbow. I was startled so I asked him "sir what's the matter?" He replied that "There's a dog following us!" Sure enough, when I looked behind me, I saw a white dog following us not more than 3 feet away.

Thinking that my ci (clinical instructor) was scared of dogs, I just told him that I'll switch places with him so I'll be the last in line instead of him. I haven't looked more than 3 seconds when all of a sudden as I looked again where the dog was, I was surprised to see that he was nowhere to be found! It was like he vanished with no trace at all!

That left me perplexed because the right side of the path we were walking was a fence made of bamboo at least 5 feet tall, the left side of our path was just a bare area of land with no bushes or trees to hide from view. This made me think that the dog couldn't possibly left without a trace for no more than 3 seconds without us seeing where it went!

I was suddenly alarmed that I told my instructor, "Sir! The dog that was following us suddenly vanished!" my instructor told me that now is not the time to tell jokes but I told him that I was serious. We both looked at each other becoming afraid prompting the group ahead of us to hurry. We decided not to tell them of what happen since all of them were busy talking and laughing with one another while we were walking.

Another ci who was with us noticed our faces and asked us what was wrong. We told him of what happened and he suddenly surprised us when he shrug and said " I also saw the dog following us, I thought it was a normal dog until I saw that it's shadow seems to be taking a different shape and growing larger. I became nervous that's why I went ahead of you two and didn't tell you. I didn't realize that you'll see it too".

The three of us looked at each other with fear in our eyes and decided to retire for the night with all of our doors locked and bolted. Fortunately nothing untoward happened to our group after that incident. ( Courtesy:Yourghoststories)

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Mommy Olga, a co-worker (who also happens to be a friend of mine) passed away on January 6, 2009 due to an immune disorder called Systemic Lupus Erythematousus (SLE) which led to a cardiac arrest. She has been battling this ailment for years. I searched the Internet and I found a journal that she made about her condition.

My former colleagues scheduled to visit her wake after their shift. I took an emergency leave so I could also come with them. I was in my condo room preparing the things I needed when I heard a tick-tocking sound. I tried searching for any watch or alarm clock left by my roommate. The sound moved from one side of the room to the other and sometimes the sound became louder as I left a specific corner. I searched for a couple of minutes and I found nothing so I finally ignored it and got prepared for the visit. The sound vanished when I returned to my room after I took a bath.

I asked my former colleagues if Mommy Olga wore a watch and they said she often did. I am unsure if that was her way of telling me that 'her time has come' or if that was just the sound of a bird chirping outside of my room's window.

Nate and Janice (my former colleagues) said they still smell the fragrance of Mommy Olga's perfume. Their thought of actually 'smelling' it might be psychological - I can't tell. Chipper (their supervisor) said she had missed calls that registered Mommy Olga's cellphone number on the night she passed away. Chipper then sent a text message asking "what's up?" but she never got a reply. She spoke with Mommy Olga's brother and she found out that no one from their family called her during that time.

Anna (a new addition to their team) said that she received a re-sent text message coming from Mommy Olga that's about their plans of going abroad. She received it a day after Mommy Olga died.

Those sent chills to everyone but I was a bit skeptical because they lacked proof. Cellphones today are meant to record every text message sent and received; and track missed calls. They never showed us proof from their cellphones about those 'encounters'.

Before we left the funeral house, we decided to say 'goodbye' one last time to Mommy Olga. While we were standing beside her coffin, the lights surrounding that area flickered a couple of times. It was eerie, but I decided to ignore it and thought that maybe someone just tripped over the power chord or something. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories) 


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This is a story about my friend who has a very tragic experience, her name is Joan (not her real name), Joan is a very good friend of mine, she had a boyfriend who's name is Leon (not his real name), Joan and Leon are lovers for almost 3 years. Last month May 20, 2007 we had a conversation with Joan in the phone, she called me up at exactly 3am, because she had a very strange nightmare.

She told me that Leon is very pale in her dreams and his hair was scattered looks like he was from bed, and his eyes was red and bloody it looks like his crying with blood, begging for help and he is holding three roses. Joan wants to help him but she can't reach his hand, his too far, she tried to run towards him but she can't move her legs for it was too heavy. Then a very loud echo came into her ears and because of that, she woke up and when she woke up, she found herself crying and her bed was all scattered.

She started to think about Leon, because she is very worried about him so, she called Leon but the line was busy, she tried dialing the numbers again and again but still very busy, when she looked at her side, she saw a very strange shadow, a very black shadow, when she closed her eyes, to her surprise the shadow was gone and there and then, she called me up so, that's the time she told me everything, and her voice was so weak.

And I told her "Wag kang mataranta andito nman ako eh, pupuntahan natin si Leon sa bahay nila mamayang 8:00am wag ka nang umiyak birthday mo pa naman" (translation: "don't panic I am here, we will just go to Leon's house at 8am, don't cry it's your birthday! don't you remember?") I told her in a very worried voice, so there she started to calm down, and when 8:00am struck, we went to Leon's house, but to our surprise, no Leon showed up, instead her mother told us that he died of a murder, he died because he was protecting Joan from the man as he was walking along the street.

This man was Joan's stalker, but Joan already had a boyfriend so he planned to rape Joan on her birthday. Leon was walking along the street towards the house of Joan to surprise her for her birthday, but the incident happened when Joan dreamt of him crying with blood at exactly midnight. The people found him lifeless, still holding the three roses he bought just for Joan. Joan was stunned and was shocked and she never stopped crying until a very cold wind passed by and and cold air passed by her cheeks so gently, and a voice saying, "I'll always be here for you HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR!". And the wind stopped and there we never stopped praying for his soul, for my friend's birthday became a very tragic death of his boyfriend. (Courtesy:yourghoststories)

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Way back when I was 7 years old, me and my family used to stay in our family home in Alabang. Our house is positioned in a Subdivision. I remembered those years when I was still in my childhood years, the house maids want to quit working for us telling us these different kinds of reasons: There is a white lady in the garden, an old man inside the computer room facing the window, the grandfather's clock whatever you call that they said it comes back at 12:00am and shadows wandering inside the house. My mommy told me it was only their imagination, but I still got the goosebumps

Then at my 8th birthday, we had our house party. We invited our other family members from out of town. That night my cousins and I decided to play hide and seek. I hide inside the master bedroom closet (My parent's room.) The closet has a sliding door. Right after I hide in it, I left it a bit open to get some air at the same time I can see if someone's coming, until suddenly I felt cold and saw a shadow of an old man going to the bathroom (Placed near by the closet.) I thought it's probably one of our family members that mom let him use her bathroom, which she used to do when someone else was using the other one. But my surprise as I took a little look, no one is there! The bathroom was open, I looked outside, ALL the visitors and our household members are in the dining room which takes a hallway to go there. My cousins we still playing hide and seek until the "it" one saw me. I told her what happened and she got scared too. We all stopped playing and stuck together. We told each of our parents, none of them believed us. We stayed outside in front of the house. Until later, my uncle screamed and ran from the public toilet. Everyone was surprised, us seeing him for the first time being frightened like almost crying as if he was sweating. He said he saw a ghost girl from the mirror of the toilet. The year after we decided to live in Manila considering my school. Same thing with our other family members, some already went abroad while some are working in Quezon City.

I was already 20 years old when I decided to go with them in Alabang after they had it repainted and repaired every damage since no one lived there anymore after the year we stayed in Manila. I thought everything will be different by that time but right before we even entered the house one of my mom's friends said regards to Mom's father which was dead long ago. I did not even get to meet him anymore. The friend said she saw him using the rocking chair, she can see him from the window facing backwards using the rocking chair. Right after Mom told them that he was already dead long ago, they got frightened too. The house boy reported us about him sleeping inside the driver's room located inside the garage, while he was sleeping the other night he suddenly can't breath because the pillow above him like someone is pushing it hard. He said he tried to remove it until he felt a cold hand that held his hands like it was defending him/her self against him until he quickly moved sideways and turned the lights on. No one was there. The only things placed the bedroom is the bed and hangers. He checked everywhere inside no one was there and plus the door was locked.

The neighbors stated that way back the lot behind our house used to be a garbage of dead bodies. In my belief it could be my grandparents, but who are those others? (Courtesy:Yourghoststories)

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Last December 26-28 2009, my family and I went to our beach in Quezon Province. Nothing scary happened on the first night although I saw some elementals there in the area but they weren't trying to harm us. They were just observing.

On the second night, something strange happened. I thought this only happened in movies. But I thought wrong. My dad, mom, three younger brothers aged 21, 17 and 15, our maid and I slept in our bahay kubo (nipa hut) because our beach house is still under construction. It was around 1:30 in the morning (December 28) when I heard gunshots, I was awoken by the sound so I got up when I saw that my mom and my dad weren't in their bed and then my brother (21) also woke up because he told me he heard gunshots so we decided to go out and check what it was. When we got out my brother and I saw my mom, dad, driver and my dad's bodyguard looking at this huge coconut tree, I asked my mom what they were doing and then my mom told me that there's an aswang (ghoul). At first I didn't want to believe it. But my dad who is a skeptic also told that he also saw it. It was a huge black bird with super red eyes (like it was glowing red). My mom also told me that when were all sleeping she was awoken by the sound of flapping wings and the sound "ik ik ik ik" and it circled the nipa hut twice as if it was looking for something or someone.

My mom told me to wake up my brothers who were still sleeping (17 and 15) and our yaya (maid) so that we would all be together. My dad fired a shot again towards the tree but the huge bird was still in hiding. My dad told his bodyguard to turn of all the lights (the moon was shining so bright that night); right after all the lights were turned off the huge bird took flight and swooped down on us. I SAW IT TOO! It was HUGE and it really had RED EYES. My dad, the driver, my brother (21), my dad's bodyguard ran after the huge bird and they tried to shoot at it again but the bird perched on another coconut tree near us and hid again. After 10 minutes or so, and after 5 more gun shots my Dad finally hit it. The huge bird cried. I got so scared. It was the most spine-chilling cry I've heard. I wasn't sure if "it" was a cry for help or just because it got hurt. It flew again away from us then after a minute we heard our neighbour's dogs howling like crazy animals so my dad and his bodyguard checked that area and the ones who got left decided to patrol the area. 

When my dad and his aide reached the fence, they saw two birds crawling (why would birds crawl?) and when the birds saw them those birds tried to attack them. My other brother (15) and I decided to patrol the back of the house and wait for my dad and his aide to get back when we heard the flapping of the wings again so I decided to turn on the flashlight I was carrying and shone it in the direction in where we heard the sound, there we saw it fold its wing and it was looking straight at us. I started cussing at it and I also told it that we weren't scared of him or her. I wasn't afraid of them anymore. The roles where switched. They were the hunted and we are the hunters. Sadly, they got away. But I'm ready for the next time. I'm not afraid of them anymore. (Courtesy: YourGhostStories)

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THE WOMAN AND THE CHILD (Unnamed Manila School)

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The story that I will tell you happened when I was in 4th grade. Anyway, I am already 23 years old now and I live in a city in Metro Manila. This event happened in my previous school. 

We were having our foundation day in our school at that time. All students and teachers were in our gymnasium watching presentations. It was too noisy and everybody was shouting and it looked like they really appreciate the show.

Suddenly, my teacher asked me to go in our room to get her bag. Actually, I did not know why she left her bag there. So, me as a student, followed her instruction. I went to our room. Our room was in the second floor in a building at the back of the gymnasium. I was not scared even though I already heard rumors about the place.

It took me 10 minutes to reach the room. I got my teacher's bag and went out immediately. When you go out of the room you will see a very long hall way. At the end of the hall way, when you turn left, that way will lead you to a closed stairs, when you turn right, you will see another long hall way which lead to the stairs going to the gymnasium.

As I went out of the room, I saw two people walking to the closed stairs. A woman and a child. I thought they were visitors so I ran to tell them that there was no way there. As I ran and as I came near them, I noticed that their colors turned brown. I thought it was my eyes playing tricks. I shouted and told them that there is no way there. I did not get any response. When I was just maybe 10 steps away from them their color turned to a color of an old photograph. I stopped and they continued walking to the closed stairs. I still followed them and when I turned left no one was there and it is impossible that they get through the closed gate. I felt chills and goosebumps filled my body. I did not know what to do. I was thinking of running but I could not. I tried to scream but nothing happened. After a few seconds, I was able to move again and I ran to the gymnasium as fast as I can.

I told my teacher about this and she said that there are really ghost in there. Actually, even janitors and security guards experienced odd things in that school. (Courtesy: Yourghoststories)


Child From The Future or Their Dark Past?

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Man Poses With Dead Wife

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First of all I want to share to all of you an incident that happened on November 16, 2006. It was my cousin's 18th birthday celebration in our province. I was at my cousin's house eating together with my cousins and some of their friends and my relatives, my uncle is drinking outside under the Sampaloc tree together with some of his friends, I think they were about 8 people drinking. It happened so fast, a man suddenly appeared. I thought he was also a friend of my uncle, then that man went to one of my uncle's friend then stabbed him three times in his heart, all of us were so shocked. I remember that I didn't stop staring at the victim until he fell on the ground. My mom quickly called the police station. The murderer was not able to escape because my uncle and his friends grabbed him and beat him up. The victim was wearing an orange t-shirt with a brand name of a clothing line printed on the front. I saw it when he fell on the ground. That was the first time that I saw a scene like that.

A year after that tragic incident we went to our province to visit my lolo's puntod (graveyard), it was November 1, 2007. It was around 12:30am when we got back to my uncle's house. Me and my cousins were not yet sleepy by that time. I heared my aunt say: "tara picture picture muna tayo dun sa ilalim ng puno ng Sampaloc" (let's take some photos underneath the Sampaloc tree). So we took some pictures and after that we browsed the pictures from my aunt's digicam (I was the one browsing the photos). I think it was about the 5th picture when suddenly I saw a man wearing an orange t-shirt (but the shirt is some kind of blurred image and I can't see the face of the man because it was dark), we just ignored it and continued to browse the photos. The more we browse the photo the clearer the orange t-shirt gets and I'm so shocked to what I saw in the picture. The orange t-shirt has a brand name of a clothing line printed on the front of the shirt. That was the same shirt that I saw a year ago on the man that was stabbed underneath the Sampaloc tree. I felt goosebumps all over my body and the pictures were deleted after all because all of us were scared and we didn't think of uploading it. After that night we came back here in Manila.

It was December 24, 2007, a month after I saw that picture we came back to our province to celebrate Christmas eve. To my surprise the Sampaloc tree is no longer there. I heard that my uncle ordered to cut down that tree because whenever his neighbors is passing by that tree at around 12 midnight they always say to my uncle that they can see a man wearing an orange t-shirt. Well after that tree was cut down I never encountered that man again. Up until now we still don't know the reason why that man is trapped on that Sampaloc tree. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories) 

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During my college days I lived in 6 different apartments in Cebu City. I only had major scary experiences in 2 of these places. The first one was in my uncle's rented apartment and the other one was the 5th one I rented. I usually occupied a whole room.

The 5th apartment was an old two-storey house made of wood. It had 3 rooms. 2rooms upstairs and my room downstairs. The big room upstairs was occupied by my other 4 housemates (all of us were ladies). The other one was occupied by a medical student. I occupied the room downstairs.

One night, I was so exhausted I slept like a log. Then in the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up to the sound of a little girl's voice humming in my ear. It sounded like a lullaby. As I was opening my eyes, I saw the fading figure of the little girl in a lacy white dress leaning her elbow on the bed just beside me looking at me while humming a song. She was gone in 2 seconds. She looked very friendly, but it still scared the hell out of me. I didn't go back to sleep that night after that incident. Too scared the little girl would show up again.

The following night, I slept upstairs in the big room with my other housemates. Of course I told them about it, and they believed me. Their room upstairs was dark even during the daytime. That night, I had a nightmare. I think it was another episode of a sleep paralysis. I saw this big hairy hand holding my arm pinning me down. I couldn't move. As I lay there, fighting it, I prayed the Our Father repeatedly. It was like I was struggling for the words. Then suddenly it went away. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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This happened when I was still young, round 6 or 7years old that time. We were living in Cavite, me my mom and my dad. My mom was sick during that time. She had been sick for 2 years actually with Lupus so she had to always rest in bed. My dad had a car shop in Mandaluyong City and would often come home late.

One specific night, when me and my mom were sleeping, I heard a knock on our front door. After a few seconds, I heard my dad say: "Anak, pabukas ng pinto (child, please open the door.) " I looked out our window, which would let me see the front yard and directly to the front door steps, and saw no one. Thinking it was my imagination, I went back to sleep.

Just as I'm about to doze off again, I heard another knock. And again I heard my dad asking me to open the door, this time calling me by my pet name that only he calls me with. Somehow, I felt really scared of the voice. So instead of going downstairs and opening the door, I looked out the window again and same thing, no one there on our front steps.

Getting really scared, I ran back to the bed, tried to wake up my mom. But all I could ever get is a moan and she would not budge. So I hid under the covers and closed my eyes.After a few minutes, the voice came again, this time not as sweet as earlier. It had the angry voice of my dad. And the knocking on the door became banging. "Anak, sinabi ng buksan mo pinto eh... (pet name)...pag ano ba?! Di mo ba bubuksan ang pinto?!?" I was so afraid that I was shaking all over but did not budge. I just stayed under the covers, trying to block out the sounds until I fell asleep.

The next morning, I asked my mom if she heard anything. She said no, she said she had a good sleep. And my dad? He came home right when we were having lunch, said he had to stay on overtime due to a celebrity's car needing overhaul. So who was the person with my dad's voice trying to get into our house?
I don't know. I'm not psychic, I don't have anything supernatural. But when I told my grandfather about it, he just looked at me and said. "Apo, wag na wag kang sasagot, wag na wag kang lilingon. Ganyan talaga anak." (Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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The mother of my mom took care of me when I was young. Back then, where she go, I go. I'm her tail.

We went to my aunt's place in Sangandaan, Quezon City that afternoon. One will pass a huge acacia (or was that a balete?) tree on the left side of the road before the way in of a dead-end road, also on the left side. Toward the inside of the blind alley, there were just three houses, one on each side. My aunt's was the one at the right, and a three-storey house with a veranda on the third floor at the end of the road. (Honestly, I'm trying to recall where the veranda was, on the third or second, or maybe both floors have balcony.) I can no longer see the big tree after we entered the road leading to the house of my aunty because the house on my left side was blocking the view. And I don't have, in any way, interest with that tree so it never bothered me.

I was looking straight ahead, my eyes were fixed at the boy standing with his elbows resting on the railings of the balcony, and looking at the direction of the tree, or so I thought. He's just looking intently at that path while I vaguely looking at him. I only focused my intention to my aunt when she greeted me with, "Don't play at the back of the house without wearing your slippers. Al died this morning because he stepped on a rusted nail a week or so ago while playing at the back (of the house) and tetanus got him." (What a welcoming remark!) I asked, "Who's Al?" "Al," she replied, as if I really knew Al, "was your playmate next door", pointing at the three-storey house outside. "Al?", I was starting to feel a little confuse, "the black boy with curly hair, like this, like that, blah blah blah, and about the age of Jeffgard?" (Jeffgard is her son and a year younger than me.) "Yes!" she answered. "No, aunty, he's there at the balcony. I saw him just before we entered here. And he's still there!" I was jerking her to come along with me and to have a look but she paid no heed to my plea. Well, who would believe a child for telling the truth? Of what he saw?

"Al" was there. He's there, like, really, flesh and blood. I didn't saw a "floating Al" or something. He's just like an ordinary child, human, I mean, just staring blankly at the direction of that tree over there. I didn't see any irregularity whatsoever. I only realized the lapse in ordinary when my aunt made that hospitable statement. Al? Dead? That morning? Tetanus? I saw Al at the balcony that afternoon. Period.

I read stories of Near Death Experience (NDE) and in some cases, when a child is involved, an angel will accompany the child, let\'s the child to see the loved ones, and visit a particular house or place before moving on to the "light".

I made that incident clear to my aunty just the other month, long after they move from one place to another and decades after she didn't believed me when I was a child telling her what I just saw. And now, she believes. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories )

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This happened way back when I was in college so I have to give a little history on the events that lead to my experience. I believe this happened either on December of 2001 or 2002, can't remember the exact year but it was something I could not forget. The reason why I can't forget about it was not because of the experience I had but it was because this was the time a buddy of ours died.

His name was Edward, he was a batch mate in High School and all around good guy. He died of cancer and was diagnosed when he was young but I never knew about it until they told me on his funeral. Our High School was composed of all boys, hence our batch mates were our brothers and our fraternity. So when he died we all went to his funeral and paid our respects to his family and prayed for him.

After that we all left and decided to go in groups since our High School had a reputation for being in a lot fights with other High Schools and so-called Fraternities Gangs, it's a long history as to why it's like that. I left with Arvin and he decided that we should eat before heading home and since he was treating I was all in. He then told me why we had to stop before heading home, he told me that in their belief (he's Chinese) every time you visit the dead you should not go home directly but go to different places first so that the spirits that might have followed you from the funeral will be confused and will not follow you home. It was the first time I ever heard of this belief so I was a little bit skeptical. After the meal we went our separate ways and I went home.

When I got home it was night time and I was home alone. My family was spending their Christmas Holiday with Grandma in the province and I was left all alone to guard the house so I decided to sleep on the couch that night since I could watch TV until dawn. It was past midnight when it happened. When I was about to sleep, I suddenly felt a little on edge and I was aware that there was someone staring at me but I couldn't make out where that person was, so I woke up and turned on all the lights in the house to check if there was an intruder. After making sure that the house was secure I suddenly had a chill go up my spine that it made me remember what Arvin was telling me about. When I remembered it I just said to myself that if it was my friend, he was just passing by so I went to the kitchen and drank a cup of water and placed the cup on the dining room table and turned off all the lights and headed back to bed.

When I was about to sleep I suddenly heard the distinct sound of clattering dishes in the kitchen that made feel really cold, then I heard a cup hitting a wood surface with enough force that I knew exactly where it came from. It was the cup that I left on the table. I was now shivering and I said, "Dude, don't be like that" and everything stopped and I was feeling warm and suddenly fell asleep.

After that night I never experienced anything that involved my friend and I know it was him and when I do die I'm going to find him and smack his head for giving me such a scare that night. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories )

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In 1992, my father resigned from his company of 17 years to start his own business, an Auto Repair Shop. He leased a half-hectare land right beside the highway somewhere in Negros Occidental. The land was an open field. Right at the center end of the lot stood a very big, old Kamatsile tree. Underneath it, he built our small wooden house. In front of the house, he designated it as his work area. We only had one neighbor located on the right side of the lot. They were a family manufacturing concrete hollow blocks.

Since the land was so wide and was covered with grass, my parents decided to raise some goats. Our neighbors had their own herd too. First few months of our stay went well until things started to become bizarre. Our goats, one by one, became ill and died. Even the pregnant ones would have still-born babies and they, too, did eventually die days after giving birth. Soon all of our goats were gone. But the odd thing was, our neighbor's goats were in good shape.

The next thing, my father's business started to fall apart. His customers were scarce. He couldn't pay for our school tuition anymore. Much more, we barely ate a decent meal.

During those times, I remembered my mom told me a couple of creepy stories. One time, at dusk, she was out in our makeshift bathroom (a few meters away from our house) to wash her face. While bending forward, she felt a cold, light cloth touching her head. She looked up and there she saw a lady dressed in white standing in front of her. She blinked hard and when she opened her eyes, the lady was gone.

Another instance was when my mom was inside our house. It was around 6:00 pm. She was about to close the window facing the Kamatsile tree when she spotted the same lady standing beside the tree as if peeking at her. My mom leaned forward to have a better look but the figure disappeared into a thin air.

After those two episodes, my mom fell ill. So ill that she would cough out blood. We were already living in misery. That was when my aunt (mom's older sister) came to the rescue. She convinced my parents to live with her while me and my siblings were sent under our grandparents' care.

We left the house, but my father was so concerned about our belongings, so my mom's younger brother and my dad's friend were asked to look after them. My uncle stayed there for about 2 weeks. Then, suddenly one evening, he came home to my grandma's house. He said he was not feeling well and thought that he was having one of his usual asthma attacks. The whole night went really bad. My grandma stayed up to watch over him. Then, past midnight, I woke up to a loud, eerie voice of my uncle. He sounded as if he was having a nightmare. My grandma kept shaking him but he was unconscious. Minutes passed and he eventually came back to his senses, but having no idea about what had happened to him. My grandparents then decided to take him to the hospital. Halfway to the hospital, my uncle went unconscious again and was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctor. It was 4:00 am.

The stranger part was, back to our wooden house, my dad's friend was left alone that night. He decided to sleep in the auto repair shop in front of the house. Around 4:00 am, he recalled having awaken to a strange noise coming out from the house. There was a flickering light and as if there were unknown creatures partying inside, banging the utensils and scratching the wooden walls. He couldn't figure out what it was until he came to know that my uncle was dying on that same ungodly hour.

A few days later, my parents returned to that house to take all of our stuff and totally abandon the place. My mom recalled that it was an eerie afternoon. There was a complete silence and the wind was blowing cold.

A week after my uncle's death, a taxi cab went tumbling right in front of that lot. According to the news, the driver lost control when a lady dressed in white suddenly came out from the bushes and crossed the highway. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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It was Saturday morning. Some of our classmates, including me were task to go to school to finish our "Beautification Project". We were done exactly at 11:00 am. All of our classmates (excluding Trisha, Karen, Ariana, and me) went home. Ariana told us to wait here at school while she will go and buy something to eat (She didn't eat breakfast). We agreed so we waited for her.

Since there's nothing much to do, we decided to go on "Ghost Hunting". We went up to the second floor and began filming all around us with Trisha's phone while walking. As we passed by the Library, we all felt a very cold wind around us. Trisha screamed "Takbo!" (Run!), then we ran outside the gate and we saw the guard. The guard is very angry with us and told us to go home.

We text Ariana to go to my place after she is done eating. At my place, we replayed the video. As the film passes by the library's glass window, we saw "Karen's reflection wearing a blue t-shirt" in front of Trisha. Trisha was so shocked and said "Diba nasa likod ka Karen? At diba nag-susuot ka ng puting T-shirt kanina?" (Wait! You're at my back, right? And are you wearing a white T-shirt back there?) Karen said "Oo, ba't naman ako nasa harap... Diba ikaw yung palagi nasa harap? At Oo, hanggang ngayon nagsusuot parin ako ng puting T-shirt!) (Yes! Why will I be in front? Clearly, you're the only one who is in front, right? And I'm still wearing the exact same white T-shirt) We tried to replay it again and again and still the same. (Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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I live in a house inhabited by eight soul's altogether. Four of which are flesh and blood, i.e. Myself, my twin boys and my mother. The other four are spirits. Both my grandmothers, my best friend, Charlie (all of whom passed on and elected to come back to watch over us) and then there is Adam. He is around 4 years old and burned to death in the room he now sees as his sanctuary. He has also taken to seeing me as his mother figure.

Since learning about Adam I had come to see him as one of my boys. His room was used for storage and I decided to put toys in the room for him. Every kid loves toys, why not him? At one point a piece of exercise equipment (health walker) was placed in his room as well. And seeing as how the pedals of this machine swing, Adam has grown fascinated with it. However, I have started exercising on it again and moved it out of his room. My friend Tim, who is a full-fledged medium, told me Adam is not happy with his favourite toy not being in his room. Poor little guy.

This past weekend, Tim had come to help me with some DIY work around the house. His wife, Elaine was working a Saturday shift and we were biding a bit of time before we went to pick her up, as we decided the visit would be the whole weekend. As we were sitting in the lounge, just chatting, the kids (my two and their three) were all in the twins' room, watching a DVD. And then we started hearing a faint tapping sound coming from the Jacuzzi area. I looked at Tim and he looked at me and said "I hear it too" before getting up from the couch and walking toward the sound. When he got to the step leading to the Jacuzzi he gave a giggle, then turned around and headed back to the couch. He told me, ever so casually "Your 'other son' is playing with the walker." It was standing up against a table and Adam had started making the pedals swing, so it kept tapping against the table. It went on for a few seconds then stopped. And I spoke up and said "Play a little more my boy!" and it started moving again. He is steadily growing more confident and is moving around the house more.

One night I was standing in the kitchen, a little upset, and I heard little feet come running up behind me on the tiles. I just smiled and told him "I'm ok". Little boy sensing "mommy" is unhappy and just checking up on her. I have come to really care about him. And now we have decided to sell the house. I said to Tim that I know it sounds strange, but I can't imagine moving away and leaving one of my boys there. Tim told me that, if Adam decides he wants to go with us, he might be able to leave the house. But he's not sure if he will yet. (Courtesy: yourghoststories)


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My father is an extreme Christian so he does not believe in ghost. This is about his experience and although it happened a long time ago, one thing still puzzles me. He was living in a remote island called guimaras in the Philippines. Communication back then was impossible, when they say you need to go through a mountain before you can get a pale of water they literally mean a mountain.

I've been there before when I was a kid, the province was cool A lot of trees in the areas, wild animals are running free, caves Hills big trees etc. All visible, it's like you're in a paradise. It was when we hit a certain area, my father start talking. This is where he had an experience which puzzles me and keeps me Asking is he really not into ghost apparitions etc...

It was in the 70's when this thing happened. My father and his friends went fishing; it's very common for a fisherman in their area to go out the sea when the moon is at most, full moon. After they were done with the fishing stuff, he decided to go home Along with the fish they caught. He started making his way back home, On his way, he met a stranger, " hey buddy, if I were you I would not go home alone, can't you see We got a full moon here so you better be careful", as per my father He just ignored the man and went straight while shaking he's head.

He passed through the area we were and it was in this area He started to feel so light, like his body was about to float, suddenly the Area was covered with light and he started hearing noises and voices coming from Small people. I then asked how did you know its coming from small people. He said the sound of the voices were creeping him out and it was not a normal Persons pitch he added, what he did was try to get the leaves of a dead coconut tree to create noise by slamming the dead branch anywhere. He said if someone could see him they would think he's crazy. After the noises that he made the voices disappeared along with the light. He ran all the way back home thinking of what he had seen and heard. I then ask, do you think it was a ghost? His answered he believes in Christ and that HE is the only one he believes... Stupid as it may sound but it really is. I'm just curious, what could it be? (Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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"Iho, iho!" (This is a Spanish word for "little boy" which is addressed by our grandparents to us) The same word which gave shivers to my spine the first time I heard it from my nephew's phone. By the way, my nephew has really been a daredevil. Despite the fact that the house where they have stayed in has been haunted for already a decade, he has never stopped staying in the master's bedroom even at the crack of dawn and has had the habit of recording the things that he has thought to be "spooky".

His tale of horror started when his little sister began calling the name of her unseen friend. (For the record, my niece is a 5 year-old kid who stutters a lot.) There were times that her sister would play at 2 am while everyone was snoring. She would either laugh or would run around and would try to go upstairs. (The whole family is staying at the living room.) Usually they would just see her doing it while saying, "Tara, Leslie, laro tayo!" (Come on Leslie, let's play!).

Then one time, my niece started to cry, saying Leslie was forcing her to come upstairs and stay inside the big closet in the master's bedroom. Their dad and mom still asked them to pray. After a minute or two, everything went to normal and my niece was pacified. (Most of his siblings cried but my nephew then got the nerve to comfort them. Maybe it's because he was the eldest and he needed to make his siblings feel safe).

The horror continued as days went by but he decided to stay in the biggest bedroom where my other cousins and my aunt were sleeping. My nephew killed time playing with his smartphone but in the middle of his game (as he retold the story, everyone of us wanted to wet our pants) goosebumps crawled unto his skin and he knew that it was a fateful night! Scared though, he pressed the button and started recording. He was expecting to catch a glimpse of a shadow or a kid without eyes and so on but to his surprise nothing was captured. However, when he started playing the recording again, that's when he realized that the worse was just about to happen. It's because when he played it the second time, an eerie voice was heard! Like the sound of an old woman. The worst thing was, while he was playing the audio file the voice was like coming from a spot near him! That made him shut his eyes and struggled to sleep.

The next day, we were all stunned and horrified 'cause when we listened to the recorded audio file, it was true. The voice was like coming from beneath the grave. We were all scared for them especially for the youngest member of the family because according to her, "Leslie" was still playing with her. My nephew decided to sleep beside his sister since then... ( Courtesy: yourghoststories )


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I have a daughter that is in grade school and is off for the summer. My husband's grandmother, who I will call Lupe, offered to watch her while we both are at work so we pick her up and she stays the night.

I have seen a few shadows around the house but nothing that had scared me. About 3 weeks ago, Lupe asked my husband if we had gotten in a fight late at night because she saw me walk to the kitchen, sobbing, sat at the table and continued to sob. My husband told her we were asleep upstairs. When I got home, she asked me why I had been crying since she didn't want to ask me then. She told me it was about 3:00 in the morning. Being that my husband gets up at 3:30 am to go to work it wasn't weird to hear. I told her that I didn't get up until 3:40 am to prepare his lunch.

Well, this had left me with an uneasy feeling being that I have been seen shadows around the house. A couple days after that I was trying to fall asleep but couldn't, I felt as if someone was staring at me. As soon as I closed my eyes I saw a older lady's face. She almost had this witch kind of look. She has light skin, big eyes, messy hair. She had a look on her face that I didn't like, an evil grin. I mentioned this to my sister only to find out that my husband saw her as well, described her to me.

I have seen other ghosts or spirits, not sure what they are. Some scare me, some don't, but she does. I can't sleep, I feel her presence all the time and when I'm falling asleep I feel like she messes with me and scares me more. I tell her to leave me alone but I feel her there. I don't know who she is or if she's the same girl Lupe saw. I'm scared to be alone at night after my husband leaves for work and it's taking a toll on me. What do you guys think of this? ( Courtesy: yourghoststories )