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A WOMAN IN BLACK (Zamboanga Del Norte High School)

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have so many unexplainable experiences since then. This story that I'm about to share happened when I was in Junior High School. Our school is located away from the City Proper (in one of the Cities in Zamboanga del Norte). Our building was located at the back most part of the campus and we (the Juniors) were occupying the 2nd floor of that building. And our section was occupying the left-most room in that floor (when facing the Jr.-Sr. Building). The building in front of us, has 3 floors (1st floor- Clinic, Guidance office, faculty office; 2nd- MAPEH room and Journalism room; 3rd- School Band Room).

One day, we stayed late in school because we were tasked to clean our classroom. We were about 18 who started cleaning. When we were about to go, we gather in one circle to plan about the surprise for our teacher. We were talking about buying food or flowers for her, when we've already decided to buy flowers, we tried to do a head count so we'll know how much we're going to contribute. (I started the counting going left). In the middle of our counting, we got confused on our numbers, so we started again. This time, the person in my right, started as number 1 going right. So I was the last to say a number, when I'm about to utter my number, cold air passes by but we just ignored it. When I said 13 (the last number) we pause for a while and we looked at each other when suddenly Ikay screamed because she got just scared. We all got panic thinking that it's not a good number and so we hurriedly ran going away our room. While we were running, we felt we ran so fast but yet, we were going slow. It felt like someone was holding my feet that time that I had a hard time moving forward. When we reached outside our building, we pause for a while and waited for the others. We noticed that we were the only ones left in that area. Ikang, who was looking at the music room (the building in front of us) suddenly said, 'keep going guys! Don't stop walking!' We all got curious as to why she's been telling us to keep going while she was keeping her eye on the music room. So we followed where she was looking at. And we all see it except Ikay. So we shouted and ran as fast as we could until we reach the guard house.

We were all scared that time that we're about to cry because of fear and we were catching our breaths. Ikay, who wasn't able to see what we've seen was crying. But she still asked us what really happened. Ikang told us that she saw a woman in black staring straight on us. With the looks like she's mad on us. Then she asked us, 'have you really seen that guys?'. Then I said, 'Yes. I actually seen her when we were upstairs but I just ignored it thinking I am just imagining things.'

Then one of our school guards went near us and asked us what happened because Ikay, would not stop crying. We told the guard what happened and we've seen. Then he told us, 'dah! Mao na. Amo ingon na ayaw jud mo pag dugay2x ug uli. Maayo nalang kay igo ra mo gitan aw.' (See! That's why we kept on telling you not to stay late in school. Good thing she just looked at you.) Out of our curiousity we asked the guard,'Ngano diay Kuya, unsa pa iya pwede buhaton unta?' (Why Guard? What else can she do to us?) But the guard just said, we better go before night falls. But before we left, he shared to us that the woman we saw was the one who've been playing the piano at our music room in the middle of the night.

We then left school but still we were in state of shock. But in back of our minds, we were still curious as to who's she and why she's been haunting the music room. (Courtesy: Yourghoststories)

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