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"Iho, iho!" (This is a Spanish word for "little boy" which is addressed by our grandparents to us) The same word which gave shivers to my spine the first time I heard it from my nephew's phone. By the way, my nephew has really been a daredevil. Despite the fact that the house where they have stayed in has been haunted for already a decade, he has never stopped staying in the master's bedroom even at the crack of dawn and has had the habit of recording the things that he has thought to be "spooky".

His tale of horror started when his little sister began calling the name of her unseen friend. (For the record, my niece is a 5 year-old kid who stutters a lot.) There were times that her sister would play at 2 am while everyone was snoring. She would either laugh or would run around and would try to go upstairs. (The whole family is staying at the living room.) Usually they would just see her doing it while saying, "Tara, Leslie, laro tayo!" (Come on Leslie, let's play!).

Then one time, my niece started to cry, saying Leslie was forcing her to come upstairs and stay inside the big closet in the master's bedroom. Their dad and mom still asked them to pray. After a minute or two, everything went to normal and my niece was pacified. (Most of his siblings cried but my nephew then got the nerve to comfort them. Maybe it's because he was the eldest and he needed to make his siblings feel safe).

The horror continued as days went by but he decided to stay in the biggest bedroom where my other cousins and my aunt were sleeping. My nephew killed time playing with his smartphone but in the middle of his game (as he retold the story, everyone of us wanted to wet our pants) goosebumps crawled unto his skin and he knew that it was a fateful night! Scared though, he pressed the button and started recording. He was expecting to catch a glimpse of a shadow or a kid without eyes and so on but to his surprise nothing was captured. However, when he started playing the recording again, that's when he realized that the worse was just about to happen. It's because when he played it the second time, an eerie voice was heard! Like the sound of an old woman. The worst thing was, while he was playing the audio file the voice was like coming from a spot near him! That made him shut his eyes and struggled to sleep.

The next day, we were all stunned and horrified 'cause when we listened to the recorded audio file, it was true. The voice was like coming from beneath the grave. We were all scared for them especially for the youngest member of the family because according to her, "Leslie" was still playing with her. My nephew decided to sleep beside his sister since then... ( Courtesy: yourghoststories )

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