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am a nurse who currently works in one of the biggest hospitals here in the Philippines. Being a nurse entitles us to go to work in shifts of 8 hours daily.

When I was still a college student 5 years ago, we used to have clinical duties in different locations somewhere in Luzon areas here in the Philippines. Being a nursing student, it was considered to be a requirement for us to finish at least 2 weeks of hospital duty in one location before being assigned to another new one.

My experience happened during one of these times. Our duty in the hospital that time was somewhere in Ilocos. It was a district hospital near the main highway. It was situated in a small town near the sea. Our assigned duty was 4 pm to 12 midnight. Since we were originally from Baguio which is at least 3 hours by bus, we decided to stay at a house near the hospital for the duration of our duty.

During the third day of our hospital duty, as we were coming home at past 12 midnight, my classmates and I with 2 of our ci's (clinical instructor) were walking along a narrow path towards the house when my ci suddenly grabbed my elbow. I was startled so I asked him "sir what's the matter?" He replied that "There's a dog following us!" Sure enough, when I looked behind me, I saw a white dog following us not more than 3 feet away.

Thinking that my ci (clinical instructor) was scared of dogs, I just told him that I'll switch places with him so I'll be the last in line instead of him. I haven't looked more than 3 seconds when all of a sudden as I looked again where the dog was, I was surprised to see that he was nowhere to be found! It was like he vanished with no trace at all!

That left me perplexed because the right side of the path we were walking was a fence made of bamboo at least 5 feet tall, the left side of our path was just a bare area of land with no bushes or trees to hide from view. This made me think that the dog couldn't possibly left without a trace for no more than 3 seconds without us seeing where it went!

I was suddenly alarmed that I told my instructor, "Sir! The dog that was following us suddenly vanished!" my instructor told me that now is not the time to tell jokes but I told him that I was serious. We both looked at each other becoming afraid prompting the group ahead of us to hurry. We decided not to tell them of what happen since all of them were busy talking and laughing with one another while we were walking.

Another ci who was with us noticed our faces and asked us what was wrong. We told him of what happened and he suddenly surprised us when he shrug and said " I also saw the dog following us, I thought it was a normal dog until I saw that it's shadow seems to be taking a different shape and growing larger. I became nervous that's why I went ahead of you two and didn't tell you. I didn't realize that you'll see it too".

The three of us looked at each other with fear in our eyes and decided to retire for the night with all of our doors locked and bolted. Fortunately nothing untoward happened to our group after that incident. ( Courtesy:Yourghoststories)

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