Friday, August 8, 2014


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A couple months ago, something very strange happened while I was cat- sitting at my neighbour's house.

My neighbour often asks me to feed her cats, and it's starting to become a common job because she is out of the house a lot. So, I got hired for a cat sitting gig a couple months ago. I feed the cats twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. At night, I usually head across the street sometime between 5 and 6. But, one day I just happened to forget. It was almost 10:00 (pm) and I was way late to feed the cat\'s dinner. I quickly headed over to the house, and it was dark outside. I unlocked the garage (as usual), and grabbed the key to unlock the door. This is when I heard my neighbour. Directly from the other side of the door, she said "Take off your shoes!" I just assumed she was home and forgot to tell me. I also found it pretty weird that she didn't just open the door for me, since she was literally like 2 feet away from the handle. So, I just opened the door, expecting some sort of greeting. But, I walked into a pitch black house, no sign of my neighbour. All the lights were off, nothing in the house from my previous visit was changed, and the cats were not feed. (I would know because of how much food there was in the can.) I looked around, and shouted for my neighbour, pretty loudly up the stairs. Still, no response. You may think maybe she was just upstairs taking a shower or something, but no. How could she yell at me from behind the door, and then 5 seconds later run up the stairs without me seeing/hearing it? Also, when I usually go to feed the cats alone, I get a pretty weird vibe in the house, like I'm being watched.

Anyway, I went back to feed the cats the next morning and there wasn't anyone there.
Was what I heard a ghost? I'm just still kind of confused by the whole thing. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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