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In 1992, my father resigned from his company of 17 years to start his own business, an Auto Repair Shop. He leased a half-hectare land right beside the highway somewhere in Negros Occidental. The land was an open field. Right at the center end of the lot stood a very big, old Kamatsile tree. Underneath it, he built our small wooden house. In front of the house, he designated it as his work area. We only had one neighbor located on the right side of the lot. They were a family manufacturing concrete hollow blocks.

Since the land was so wide and was covered with grass, my parents decided to raise some goats. Our neighbors had their own herd too. First few months of our stay went well until things started to become bizarre. Our goats, one by one, became ill and died. Even the pregnant ones would have still-born babies and they, too, did eventually die days after giving birth. Soon all of our goats were gone. But the odd thing was, our neighbor's goats were in good shape.

The next thing, my father's business started to fall apart. His customers were scarce. He couldn't pay for our school tuition anymore. Much more, we barely ate a decent meal.

During those times, I remembered my mom told me a couple of creepy stories. One time, at dusk, she was out in our makeshift bathroom (a few meters away from our house) to wash her face. While bending forward, she felt a cold, light cloth touching her head. She looked up and there she saw a lady dressed in white standing in front of her. She blinked hard and when she opened her eyes, the lady was gone.

Another instance was when my mom was inside our house. It was around 6:00 pm. She was about to close the window facing the Kamatsile tree when she spotted the same lady standing beside the tree as if peeking at her. My mom leaned forward to have a better look but the figure disappeared into a thin air.

After those two episodes, my mom fell ill. So ill that she would cough out blood. We were already living in misery. That was when my aunt (mom's older sister) came to the rescue. She convinced my parents to live with her while me and my siblings were sent under our grandparents' care.

We left the house, but my father was so concerned about our belongings, so my mom's younger brother and my dad's friend were asked to look after them. My uncle stayed there for about 2 weeks. Then, suddenly one evening, he came home to my grandma's house. He said he was not feeling well and thought that he was having one of his usual asthma attacks. The whole night went really bad. My grandma stayed up to watch over him. Then, past midnight, I woke up to a loud, eerie voice of my uncle. He sounded as if he was having a nightmare. My grandma kept shaking him but he was unconscious. Minutes passed and he eventually came back to his senses, but having no idea about what had happened to him. My grandparents then decided to take him to the hospital. Halfway to the hospital, my uncle went unconscious again and was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctor. It was 4:00 am.

The stranger part was, back to our wooden house, my dad's friend was left alone that night. He decided to sleep in the auto repair shop in front of the house. Around 4:00 am, he recalled having awaken to a strange noise coming out from the house. There was a flickering light and as if there were unknown creatures partying inside, banging the utensils and scratching the wooden walls. He couldn't figure out what it was until he came to know that my uncle was dying on that same ungodly hour.

A few days later, my parents returned to that house to take all of our stuff and totally abandon the place. My mom recalled that it was an eerie afternoon. There was a complete silence and the wind was blowing cold.

A week after my uncle's death, a taxi cab went tumbling right in front of that lot. According to the news, the driver lost control when a lady dressed in white suddenly came out from the bushes and crossed the highway. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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