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This happened way back when I was in college so I have to give a little history on the events that lead to my experience. I believe this happened either on December of 2001 or 2002, can't remember the exact year but it was something I could not forget. The reason why I can't forget about it was not because of the experience I had but it was because this was the time a buddy of ours died.

His name was Edward, he was a batch mate in High School and all around good guy. He died of cancer and was diagnosed when he was young but I never knew about it until they told me on his funeral. Our High School was composed of all boys, hence our batch mates were our brothers and our fraternity. So when he died we all went to his funeral and paid our respects to his family and prayed for him.

After that we all left and decided to go in groups since our High School had a reputation for being in a lot fights with other High Schools and so-called Fraternities Gangs, it's a long history as to why it's like that. I left with Arvin and he decided that we should eat before heading home and since he was treating I was all in. He then told me why we had to stop before heading home, he told me that in their belief (he's Chinese) every time you visit the dead you should not go home directly but go to different places first so that the spirits that might have followed you from the funeral will be confused and will not follow you home. It was the first time I ever heard of this belief so I was a little bit skeptical. After the meal we went our separate ways and I went home.

When I got home it was night time and I was home alone. My family was spending their Christmas Holiday with Grandma in the province and I was left all alone to guard the house so I decided to sleep on the couch that night since I could watch TV until dawn. It was past midnight when it happened. When I was about to sleep, I suddenly felt a little on edge and I was aware that there was someone staring at me but I couldn't make out where that person was, so I woke up and turned on all the lights in the house to check if there was an intruder. After making sure that the house was secure I suddenly had a chill go up my spine that it made me remember what Arvin was telling me about. When I remembered it I just said to myself that if it was my friend, he was just passing by so I went to the kitchen and drank a cup of water and placed the cup on the dining room table and turned off all the lights and headed back to bed.

When I was about to sleep I suddenly heard the distinct sound of clattering dishes in the kitchen that made feel really cold, then I heard a cup hitting a wood surface with enough force that I knew exactly where it came from. It was the cup that I left on the table. I was now shivering and I said, "Dude, don't be like that" and everything stopped and I was feeling warm and suddenly fell asleep.

After that night I never experienced anything that involved my friend and I know it was him and when I do die I'm going to find him and smack his head for giving me such a scare that night. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories )

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