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My father is an extreme Christian so he does not believe in ghost. This is about his experience and although it happened a long time ago, one thing still puzzles me. He was living in a remote island called guimaras in the Philippines. Communication back then was impossible, when they say you need to go through a mountain before you can get a pale of water they literally mean a mountain.

I've been there before when I was a kid, the province was cool A lot of trees in the areas, wild animals are running free, caves Hills big trees etc. All visible, it's like you're in a paradise. It was when we hit a certain area, my father start talking. This is where he had an experience which puzzles me and keeps me Asking is he really not into ghost apparitions etc...

It was in the 70's when this thing happened. My father and his friends went fishing; it's very common for a fisherman in their area to go out the sea when the moon is at most, full moon. After they were done with the fishing stuff, he decided to go home Along with the fish they caught. He started making his way back home, On his way, he met a stranger, " hey buddy, if I were you I would not go home alone, can't you see We got a full moon here so you better be careful", as per my father He just ignored the man and went straight while shaking he's head.

He passed through the area we were and it was in this area He started to feel so light, like his body was about to float, suddenly the Area was covered with light and he started hearing noises and voices coming from Small people. I then asked how did you know its coming from small people. He said the sound of the voices were creeping him out and it was not a normal Persons pitch he added, what he did was try to get the leaves of a dead coconut tree to create noise by slamming the dead branch anywhere. He said if someone could see him they would think he's crazy. After the noises that he made the voices disappeared along with the light. He ran all the way back home thinking of what he had seen and heard. I then ask, do you think it was a ghost? His answered he believes in Christ and that HE is the only one he believes... Stupid as it may sound but it really is. I'm just curious, what could it be? (Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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