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I was around the age of twelve. My mother was quite protective of me and would always prefer for me to leave the door to my bedroom open so that if I was ill during the night or needed anything she could hear me calling, this was never a problem... Until one night.

On this night I suddenly woke and realised I was drenched in sweat I was laying on my back and my blankets were pulled right up to my neck, I felt a strange feeling and my blankets felt incredibly heavy I went to sit up but I could not move an inch the only thing I could move was my eyes. Instinctively I tried to yell out to mum but I could not make a single sound and that's when I noticed I was being watched.

I could see out of my open bedroom door and into the hallway where we had an old wooden cupboard used for linen against a wall, next to that was the doorway to the kitchen and standing next to the cupboard and the doorway was the ghostly figure of a woman.

The first thing I noticed is that she was well above the average height for a woman, she was very thin and her head was bald. The strange woman was a bright white light although somehow I could see these features clearly, as well as determine her age I would have said mid to late 40's in age.
She was wearing very loose fitting clothes most like pyjamas. I could not make out many facial features except her eyes which disturbed me most of all. They were tiny black dots and they were looking straight at me I could feel them. I could not look away and I could not close my eyes at this point and the sweat was pouring of my face and running down my neck.

She stood there and did not move, and I started to feel like she was watching me as a parent may watch their child play in the park. I sensed that she was enjoying watching me. I'm not sure how long this lasted but I know I didn't blink the entire time.

Eventually I noticed her fading very slowly and then she faded to nothing and the area she was standing was now back to pitch black as well as my bedroom. I could move again and I was soaked from sweat but I was still a bit cautious to get out of bed and I must have just passed out from there.
I'm now 23 years old and since that night I never ever sleep with my bedroom door open and if anyone asks why I tell them this story and they soon understand. (Courtesy: yourghoststories)

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