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Mommy Olga, a co-worker (who also happens to be a friend of mine) passed away on January 6, 2009 due to an immune disorder called Systemic Lupus Erythematousus (SLE) which led to a cardiac arrest. She has been battling this ailment for years. I searched the Internet and I found a journal that she made about her condition.

My former colleagues scheduled to visit her wake after their shift. I took an emergency leave so I could also come with them. I was in my condo room preparing the things I needed when I heard a tick-tocking sound. I tried searching for any watch or alarm clock left by my roommate. The sound moved from one side of the room to the other and sometimes the sound became louder as I left a specific corner. I searched for a couple of minutes and I found nothing so I finally ignored it and got prepared for the visit. The sound vanished when I returned to my room after I took a bath.

I asked my former colleagues if Mommy Olga wore a watch and they said she often did. I am unsure if that was her way of telling me that 'her time has come' or if that was just the sound of a bird chirping outside of my room's window.

Nate and Janice (my former colleagues) said they still smell the fragrance of Mommy Olga's perfume. Their thought of actually 'smelling' it might be psychological - I can't tell. Chipper (their supervisor) said she had missed calls that registered Mommy Olga's cellphone number on the night she passed away. Chipper then sent a text message asking "what's up?" but she never got a reply. She spoke with Mommy Olga's brother and she found out that no one from their family called her during that time.

Anna (a new addition to their team) said that she received a re-sent text message coming from Mommy Olga that's about their plans of going abroad. She received it a day after Mommy Olga died.

Those sent chills to everyone but I was a bit skeptical because they lacked proof. Cellphones today are meant to record every text message sent and received; and track missed calls. They never showed us proof from their cellphones about those 'encounters'.

Before we left the funeral house, we decided to say 'goodbye' one last time to Mommy Olga. While we were standing beside her coffin, the lights surrounding that area flickered a couple of times. It was eerie, but I decided to ignore it and thought that maybe someone just tripped over the power chord or something. ( Courtesy: yourghoststories) 

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