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This is a story about my friend who has a very tragic experience, her name is Joan (not her real name), Joan is a very good friend of mine, she had a boyfriend who's name is Leon (not his real name), Joan and Leon are lovers for almost 3 years. Last month May 20, 2007 we had a conversation with Joan in the phone, she called me up at exactly 3am, because she had a very strange nightmare.

She told me that Leon is very pale in her dreams and his hair was scattered looks like he was from bed, and his eyes was red and bloody it looks like his crying with blood, begging for help and he is holding three roses. Joan wants to help him but she can't reach his hand, his too far, she tried to run towards him but she can't move her legs for it was too heavy. Then a very loud echo came into her ears and because of that, she woke up and when she woke up, she found herself crying and her bed was all scattered.

She started to think about Leon, because she is very worried about him so, she called Leon but the line was busy, she tried dialing the numbers again and again but still very busy, when she looked at her side, she saw a very strange shadow, a very black shadow, when she closed her eyes, to her surprise the shadow was gone and there and then, she called me up so, that's the time she told me everything, and her voice was so weak.

And I told her "Wag kang mataranta andito nman ako eh, pupuntahan natin si Leon sa bahay nila mamayang 8:00am wag ka nang umiyak birthday mo pa naman" (translation: "don't panic I am here, we will just go to Leon's house at 8am, don't cry it's your birthday! don't you remember?") I told her in a very worried voice, so there she started to calm down, and when 8:00am struck, we went to Leon's house, but to our surprise, no Leon showed up, instead her mother told us that he died of a murder, he died because he was protecting Joan from the man as he was walking along the street.

This man was Joan's stalker, but Joan already had a boyfriend so he planned to rape Joan on her birthday. Leon was walking along the street towards the house of Joan to surprise her for her birthday, but the incident happened when Joan dreamt of him crying with blood at exactly midnight. The people found him lifeless, still holding the three roses he bought just for Joan. Joan was stunned and was shocked and she never stopped crying until a very cold wind passed by and and cold air passed by her cheeks so gently, and a voice saying, "I'll always be here for you HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR!". And the wind stopped and there we never stopped praying for his soul, for my friend's birthday became a very tragic death of his boyfriend. (Courtesy:yourghoststories)

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