Saturday, September 13, 2014


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One night I suddenly fell asleep. The last thing I remember I was laying on the floor with my wife and my three year old son. We have a bed but can only accommodate a kid and an adult. Two adults will require the other to lie on his side to fit in the bed. We usually chose to sleep on the floor but we set mats on to keep the coldness of the floor from our backs.

Our bed is situated beside the window, often I don't feel comfortable sleeping there because I'm always thinking that something might just wake me up one night reaching me through the windows and it always creeps me out to sleep beside the window.

I woke up in my dream, a very clam dream. I was in an unfamiliar place just roaming around. Everything was peaceful in my dream, until I suddenly thought about Jesus. A strong emotion covered my entire soul. I wanted to praise him and pray to him and speak to him because of how great he is, how wonderful he is and how good he is. Just when I pronounced "Jesus of Nazareth", I was an awoken by an unknown force pressing me down against my bed.

I woke up facing the bed, and that presence was as if sitting on my upper back and paralyzing my upper body, except for my head, because I was fully awake and I was turning my head trying to get a glimpse of whatever that was behind me. I can see my kid and wife on the floor. I was struggling very hard to free myself from it. I let my mind work to figure out a way to get out of this hell.

The first thing that got in my mind was to get the attention of my wife who was sleeping at that very moment. I found it very hard to speak. I can't make a sound from my mouth. What I did was I tried to move some parts of my body. I realized that I can move my legs, my legs are strong because I always go biking, and then I realized that my kid had scattered his toys on the bed at the bottom where my legs were.

I started kicking of all those toys as hard as I can. And it all started dropping on the floor and made noises that awoken my wife, and this the most interesting part, as soon as my wife called up my name, I was able to move my whole body and gained my strength back, it's as if whatever that thing on my back got scared and vanished.

Another ordeal came because my wife got angry and yelling why did I kick those toys for. I made her calm down and told her that I will tell in the morning. I lay beside her and slept. In the morning I was asking myself how I got on the bed while I can clearly remember that I fell asleep with my wife and kid on the floor. And I was even the first one to fall asleep. And my wife even confirmed that I fell asleep on the floor with them. (Courtesy:yourghoststories)

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