Sunday, September 21, 2014


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Her husband died during an operation. He was having brain surgery. He died leaving my aunt and 2 children, a 4 year old son and a 1 year old daughter.

It was past 5pm when my aunt asked her son to look after his younger sister who was lying on the "papag" wooden bed because she had to cook their dinner. After a few minutes of cooking my aunt saw her son playing with his toy cars, leaving his little ion her on own lying in the papag. 

My aunt asked her son why he left his younger sister on her own and what if she fell from the papag?" her son replied "Ma don't worry, she will not fall down from the papag". My aunt told him to go back and take care of his sister. Her son replied back again, "no need to go back there, don't worry mama "PAPA" is there taking care of my sister." My aunt was shocked when her son said this. She hurried to the papag to check on her daugther and when she looked at her daughter, her daughter was smiling and it was like there was someone taking care her and playing with her. My aunt thought that the ghost of his deceased husband was taking care of her.

Another story is that every time her 4 year old son goes to the bathroom, he comes out with lots of 5 peso coins and when my aunt asks where did you get that money? Her son always reply "Papa gave it to me".

I saw him one time when he went to the bathroom. There was nothing in his hands when he came out he had two pieces of 5 peso coins. I asked, where did you get the coins? He replied "papa is there inside and he gave it to me".  (Courtesy: Yourghoststories)

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