Monday, September 29, 2014


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We went to Puerto Galera, a popular tourist destination here every summer for a 3 day and 2 night's vacation. We searched online and found this Beach Resort that fit our budget at time (Resorts are quite expensive when its summer season because it's a peak season). We actually thought that we had a good deal with the room that we got. I mean the room could accommodate at least 8 persons.
It was very large with a dining area, our own living room with plasma TV, complete bathroom amenities and such and the place had its own pool and a bar. However the beach front was a good 5-7 walk from the beach resort and you had to go through some really spooky trees.

The day that we arrived we were quite surprised because the place only had a few visitors just us, a couple and a family that was situated in the first floor while we were the only ones in the 2nd floor. So the day went good we went to the beach and did some activities and had some lunch in one of the cafes there. We went back at around 8pm and decided to have dinner at the resort. After that we drank a little and went to our room at around 10pm. Then all the weird stuff happened while we were preparing to sleep.

Suddenly the door in the bathroom opened there was no draft or breeze. We shrugged it off at first, but at around 2am in the morning while we were sleeping I awoke to my girlfriend screaming. I saw her halfway in the bed. I pulled her up and asked her what happened. She told me that she was dreaming about 3 hooded figures that were trying to pull her away into some dark place when she woke up she felt a pair of hands pull her from under the sheets. I was calming her down when we saw something bump into the window. It looked like a large bird trying to get inside our room from the window. It lasted for about 10 seconds and then it was gone.

We were both scared at that time so what we did was to pull out the pocket bible and say a prayer. While we were praying the bathroom door opened then closed by itself. We had a feeling of dread but as we finished the Lord's Prayer it seemed that every negative feeling in the room disappeared. When dawn broke we went outside and onto the beach and spent the whole day there. (Courtesy:Yourghoststories)

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