Sunday, September 21, 2014


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This happened a few years back. It was around 3am and I was taking my ex-girlfriend home. The road going to their house is very poorly lit and if you walk there at night without any's close to pitch black dark. So along that road, we were just traveling at a relatively slow speed. Being a defensive driver, I'd look at my side mirrors and rear view mirror every now and then just to check my surroundings.

To my horror, when I looked at my rear view mirror, there she was; sitting at our van's rear seat looking straight at me with blood shot red eyes full of anger and hatred with blood dripping down from the corner of her eyes. She was pale white and her hair was long and all messed up. (If I was to translate the way she looked at me, it would say "I'm going to kill you!" - Yes - that scary). Usually, when I see spirits, I would just glance away and when I look back, they would disappear and I would just go on with whatever it was I was doing. So I did just that. I glanced away, looked straight at the road, and looked back at my rear view mirror. And guess what, she was still there! This now freaked me out... I glanced away and looked back a third time... And finally she was gone so I proceeded to drive.

On my way back home when I reached the same road the white lady hitched a ride; I tried to reach out to her... And said that I mean her no harm and that maybe I could help. If she was murdered, raped or what not, as long as she communicates with me without that scary look and blood shot red eyes then I may be able to help her. Fortunately, she didn't show up...whew...

As I got home, I saw a quick movement, as if something, or someone moved extremely fast and all I could see was a blurry figure. I then said, "Ok, I guess you just needed a ride... So you're happy, I'm happy, everybody's happy", trying to joke around to take away the fear. And after parking the car, when I was about to go out, someone... Or something... Pulled the door open for me really wide open! And the next thing I know, I was already in my room under the bed sheets praying "Our father..." (Courtesy:yourghoststories)

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