Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Red Eyes Benitez Hall, which houses the College of Education, is considered the most haunted building in the campus (the oldest as well). It used to be one of the Japanese interrogation camps during World War II that's why many Filipino and American soldiers died there. One very rainy afternoon, a female instructor got stranded in front of the Education Building. As such, she begged the security guard to let her pass the night in the building.The guard agreed and locked her up in one of the classrooms. It was a restless night for the lady. She knew the ghost stories but refused to believe them. In the classroom was a door with a peeping hole. Curious at what was going on outside, she peeped and saw nothing but the color red. The next morning,she asked the security guard if the ghost stories are true. "Yes Ma'am, it is,"answered the man. "One of the ghosts sighted is in fact seen as dressed in white and with big RED EYES." (From Precious Cardenas)