Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Encounter

I have numerous experiences with ghosts or whatever they might be but this one I would never forget. It happened when I moved up to Calamba from Paranaque due to my new job location.
I rented a penthouse; it's on the rooftop on a two story building apartment. I'm living with my girlfriend and in the first weeks we began to experience strange things, at first we tried to hold these from each other but then began to discuss them among ourselves. I told her at times I would hear a male voice whistling in a merry tone or some people (a female) conversing in the middle of the afternoons which to my surprise she hears them too. She then told me she would catch at time in the corner of her eyes a silhouette rushing through the door which I do also encounter.

Her elder sister one time visited and stayed with us and during the first day she said she sense something in the house but told us it was guarding the house or we and we need not to be afraid. She told us these even we don't tell her any stories of it. 

Now, the worst one, we are experiencing this scratching, something like crawling or walking in our roof, at time we would hear thuds. I already have hints it's an ASWANG, I was so angry at it that I would curse at it when when we heard the sounds.

I got 2 handguns with me a.38 and.45, a samurai and a number of knives which I collected. I would get out of the house armed and with a flashlight and threw stones on our roof, ready to shoot anything that comes off of it.

It was one night my spitz dog which I tied to the backdoor was crying in the middle of the night and I knew it's starting again. Slowly with all the lights off I approached the backdoor and I heard the only sound that I cannot decide what kind or where it was coming from. It was somewhat coming afar, it says Kaaaak! Kaaak, sounds like a bird or what ever that is scaring the hell out of my dog. I was told that the aswang sounds afar when it is near you. 

My dog was really scared with her body pressed against the backdoor crying. I was just waiting for the doorknob to turn and I'm really going to blow this aswang away if it intends to go through my backdoor so I click on the hammer of my gun and got into a position. Suddenly the sound stops. Probably heard the gun-clicking, my eyes were all over the place, looking the window direction or any. It was dark and I don't if he already managed to slip in the house. 

I let out a curse for the aswang to hear seconds later there was nothing. Soon I was back in the bed and we heard rattling on our roof and again with my gun and a knife, my girlfriend along with me we went out of the house. I'd say past 12 midnight maybe and checked out our roof. I told her to throw garlic's and salt in the roof and around the house especially on the doors path. It was then that it all stops for months.

It was then we are sitting outside the house enjoying the moon that night when she notices something flying, flapping it's wings at points it to me, to my surprise I cannot make something to what I see, brown in color maybe the size of a dog some 100 meters away maybe and my girlfriend and just look at each other and we both agree its no big bird or bat it is, it was flying slow and I'm totally sure its now owl too, I've seen owls they don't get that big nor fly that way. 

Today I sleep with my guns and knives beside me, I was told to wet the bullets with my saliva to have them penetrate these beings the same way I did with my samurai and knives sharpness. Who knows I maybe the first one to kill some of things or whatever they maybe. (From Pinoy Horror Stories)

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