Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Cousin's Visit

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Before one of my first cousins’s died because of heart disease, she used to read English pocket books while sitting on a bench made out of bamboo outside their house. Sometimes, she’d just hang out in our house reading the same books.
I saw how she suffered with the disease because before she died, my aunt and my mother were watching over her in our house. After she was buried, her ghost visited us.
Two or three days after she was buried my aunt (her mother) heard somebody walking outside our house going to their house in the middle of the night. (Their house is maybe 4-5 meters from our house). They heard the sound of a footstep going to the bench made out of bamboo. My cousin’s younger sister heard it too but too scared to attempt to look at it.
After that, they heard what sounded like somebody flicking a page from a book on that bench like the way my cousin use to flick through a book. My aunt asked my cousin’s sister if she heard it too and answered yes.
Then they heard the footstep again but this time coming closer to their room. They heard somebody open the cabinet and yet they were the only ones sleeping in their house. After dawn, my cousin and my aunt woke up and find out that there was no book on the bench made out of bamboo.
They told us about the incident and concluded that maybe it was our dead cousin visiting us. (From Philippine Ghost Stories)

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