Thursday, July 10, 2014

Creepy Woman

This particular one happened fairly recently, when my husband and I had our master's bedroom repainted. Because of the strong odour from the paint, my husband and I decided to sleep in the guest room which was right next to our dining area. After reading a book and exchanging stories for a bit, we were both asleep. Around half past two, I felt aware of my surroundings and I started hearing a woman's voice. I then opened my eyes and listened in, trying to make out what she was saying. I can't say exactly if she was singing a melancholy tune or if she was crying. Worse of all, her voice sounded ethereal that I immediately knew she wasn't of this world anymore. One minute she'd sound nearby and another minute, her voice would suddenly sound distant. It even came to a point that she sounded like she was right outside my bedroom window. The thing is we live on the 4th floor! I decided not to tell my husband about it because I knew he'd probably think I was nuts. Days later, after having convinced myself that I probably dreamt about her, I heard her again.

I was having lunch with my hubby and dad-in-law when I suddenly heard the same ethereal wail-singing. I was creeped out but I chose to keep quiet about it. After lunch, I couldn't take it anymore! I went straight to the kitchen to ask our maid if she was hearing what I was hearing. To my surprise she said: "Alin po? Yung babaeng kumakanta na parang umiiyak? Opo ate, naririnig ko sya gabi gabi." (Do you mean the woman who sounds like she's singing or crying? Yes mam, I hear her every night.) My jaws almost dropped. At the same time, I was also happy to realize that what I was hearing was real! (Considering the fact that I only asked her if she was hearing anything strange yet she described what I was hearing accurately!) She then went on to tell me how the woman's voice would sometimes sound like its right outside her bedroom door! She even told me how she'd deliberately play praise songs on her CD player in an attempt to keep herself safe and at around 2 or 3 in the morning, she'd find the CD player unplugged!

We have no idea who she could be or what she needs, but I think she needs help. I've also tried burning incense in every room of the house but it only seemed to keep her away for a few days. One other strange fact about the whole experience is that I never hear her when I'm at the master's bedroom, which is only a few feet away! (From Pinoy Horror Stories)

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