Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Woman In The Toilet

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My sisters and I got a call that our grandmother’s health had taken a turn for the worst and that the doctors were calling the family in.  It would take us 30 to 45 minutes to get to the hospital. Each of us 4 girls took off from work and we all met at my house where we would ride together to the hospital. Being in such a hurry, neither of us took the time to use the bathroom, so by the time we got to the hospital, me and my baby sister were about to burst. We got parked and Kelly (my baby sister) and I ran into the hospital looking for a bathroom. The entrance that we took - we had to walk through double doors and turn slightly to our right then slightly to our left before heading down a long corridor. The corridor led us to a gift shop that sat on the right. Just before the gift shop there were two small bathrooms (1 for men and 1 for women) to the left of the hall.
My sister and I were racing to the bathrooms when we saw an elderly woman in front of us. She was about 25 feet away from us. She was stooped over a tad and wore an old outdated black coat and an old black hat with a flower attached to the side of the hat. (It was not cold enough outside to wear a coat.) The old woman entered the bathroom and my sister and I raced in after her.
The bathroom was so small that it only had two stalls and one sink and three people would be considered a crowd. My sister beat me to the second stall (after she saw the old woman enter the first stall and heard her lock the stall). My sister and I were laughing at each other and we are talking to each other while my sister was in the stall, I was (play) fussing at her for beating me to the only available stall. So here I was standing outside the first stall waiting for the old woman to come out. All of the sudden the door to the first stall slowly creeped open and I stepped to the side so that the old woman could get out (told you the bathroom was very small). After a few seconds no one came out and I peeked around and pushed the door open a little bit more. I was scared that I may find the poor old lady sitting on the toilet and she had let the door come open on her or something and we would both have an awkward moment. I looked into the stall AND NO ONE IS THERE! My sister was still in the second stall and I said “Kelly, wasn’t that old woman in this other stall?” my sister replied with a yes and why. I said “Kelly, she’s’ not here.”
Kelly: “What do you mean she’s’ not in there, I saw her go in.”
Me: Well, she has either gone down the toilet or she has disappeared.”
Kelly: “Did you see her go out?”
Me: “Err, Kelly, she would have had to bump into me to get out and NO, she did not go past me.”
The conversation went on like this for a few more seconds ending with my sister coming out of the second stall fast as lightning with her pants half buttoned. Flying toward the door she turned to me and asked if I was coming and I responded that I have business to take care of. Of course my sister left me there alone while I took care of business in the FIRST STALL. (I was either feeling brave or stupid that day - LOL.)
After I came out of the bathroom my sister was waiting by the gift shop - we knew we had just had a ghostly encounter. Retelling the story to the rest of our family members had them thinking we were off our rocker. I retold the story again to the nurse who was assigned to my grandmother and she confirmed that there had been several ghost sightings in the hospital.

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