Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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This one was told to me by a former co-worker. And who knows -- here in the south, home of fake tans and big hair, it might have happened!
A young woman was approaching her wedding day. She decided that she'd look better in her wedding dress if she had a little color, so a week before the wedding she went to a tanning salon. The salon staff, however, told her that for her own safety, she could only tan for thirty minutes a day. After she'd tanned for her thirty minutes, she decided it wasn't enough, so she went to another tanning salon the same day to tan. They told her the same thing. She still wasn't tan enough after that thirty minutes, so she went to a third tanning salon, and a fourth.
She did this for the next four days. Even though she was getting a little bit red, she kept thinking how good she'd look in her wedding dress.
The day before her wedding, she was found dead. Her internal organs had all burnt up from the tanning beds. (Courtesy: Urbanlegends)

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