Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grandma Misses Me

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I was in grade school when this happened (maybe 3rd or 4th grade). By the way this is my first actual experience of seeing an apparition - a full bodied one at that.
My story happened during one of those lazy summer vacation afternoons. I was in the Salas (living room) of our ancestral house in Argao (a municipality of Cebu in the Philippines), playing with my two other brothers. You know, just messing around goofing off and laughing at each others antics when it happened. My older brother pulled my pants down. I was so embarrassed I almost cried but managed to “swallow” down my tears. As I wiped my teary eyes I happened to look up into the second floor balcony, I saw someone in white (I think that SHE - definitely feminine - was bathed in it, not wearing it) out of the corner of my eye. When I looked directly - voila - no one was there. But when I would look again into the other direction I would always see her at the corner of my eye, and if I’d look again she’d be gone. This continued for about five minutes, when finally I got creeped out and said to my brothers “There’s a ghost in here!” and ran to find my mother who was in the market by the way. I then realized that we were actually alone in the house (no one to play ghost or something).
It was about a week later when I finally had the courage to be called crazy and asked my aunt (who still lives in the house up to this day) if there was a ghost in that house. She replied “Yes, I think it’s the ghost of your grandma. She showed herself to my daughter once when she was alone in a room in that house and scared her off that room for a week.”
Since that fateful day, I have come to experience weird things in my life. If I’d be alone in a room in my house (which is in Cebu city) I’d see this white figure at the corner of my eye, and if I tried to look at it directly it would be gone. I’d also occasionally see this lady in white in my dreams (which I can’t remember by the way). Most dreams I’ve had with her are good. However, there was one occasion maybe two when the dream turned into a nightmare. I’ll be telling that another time, but for now I won’t.
Oh yeah, about that full bodied apparition I mentioned in the first paragraph, I remember seeing her body, face, arms, etc. Clear that day. I mean she was just like any other person except she was bathed in white light and all her eyes were empty, black or something. I think that this entity followed me all the way to the city, and is still here even now. Not that she’s done anything bad to me. I sometimes wonder who this is. Is this really my grandma? Why is she still following me?
By the way I was only 1 when my grandma died which means I never had the chance to see her face and I haven’t even really seen her photos. Would you please help me in identifying who this entity is? Does she mean good or bad in my life? (From Philippine Ghost Stories)

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