Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Retreat

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Last year we had our holy retreat at a retreat house in Pansol, Laguna. Our whole class was so excited about it, but before our retreat, we heard some rumors from other students about the place. Some said that during their stay at the house, they could feel something strange, and some said that they could see ghosts in the dormitories.
My friend Theya said that her sister, who stayed at the retreat house a year ago, told her that there was a girl in their dorm who roamed around during their sleeping time and that the boys in the other room were not able to rest because someone was preventing them from sleeping. The story Theya told us, gave me the creeps.
When we arrived at the retreat house, we were immediately directed to our dormitories. The place was beautiful but a little antique looking. On our way there we saw unfinished structures of like houses. When we arrived at our rooms we were given a little time to arrange our things and pick our beds. When I was arranging my things I saw a little girl near the bathroom, she was wearing a night gown. I tried to get a closer look, she looked pale and thin. I tried to get a little closer but she was gone. I asked my friend Roxy who was near me that time if she saw the little girl, she said no. I got scared, but not for a long time.
During our pre-final session at the conference hall, our retreat master switched of all the lights and a little candle was the only thing that gave light inside the room. Our master was giving a session and an activity in which we all shared our answers. That session made all of us cry. I was comforting my friend Stevie when something strange happened. Both of my feet laid flat on the ground, I was wearing pedals so my legs weren’t covered. Someone touched both of my legs, it gave me goose bumps. It was so cold it was like somebody put ice on my legs. I could feel hands but when I looked nothing was there. I was scared.
After the sessions, our retreat master told us something that made almost all of us scared. He told us that there were really ghosts roaming around the retreat house. It gave me cold sweat and goose bumps. He said there were three kinds of them, the playful one, the mischievous one, and the evil one. He also warned us to be asleep before 12 midnight to avoid anything happening; he did not tell us what it was.
When it was bed time, I remembered everything our master told us. I tried to get some sleep, I was successful but not for long. It was like somebody woke me up. I saw this kind of blob form floating around near the bathroom. Some of my classmates were still awake, and I knew that they also saw it. Only five of us were still awake that time. We could also hear shouts and screams that made all of us scared but we did not made any sounds. We kept quiet and tried to hide under our blanket, I tried to keep my eyes close. When I opened them everything was back to normal.
The next day we went home. But we still can’t forget what we saw.
Some of the boys told us that something like that also happened in their room.

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