Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Baby

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It was a fine afternoon so its good to went outside but in my comprehension about times like those,its better to sleep.But for some reason I cant sleep,so I just lied down for hoping I might be able to sleep.But moments and moments passed but I wasnt knocked down yet so I just do things concerning my vanity(Not to be humble I got alot of admirers so keeping myself’s image to be more acceptable is important),I tried doing backflips because I knew girls love someone who can do that and also someone who can dance.
I then felt tired a few moments later,so I  went to the kitchen to find something to eat and to rest.When Im done,I returned of practicing backflips again but what scared me is when Im practicing I could hear scratches on the wall and ceiling.But because its not manly to be scared easily I assumed that it was just the cat(Our cat always do scratching everywhere)then comes the doors of our closet opening by itself and again because it wasnt manly to be scared easily I just assumed it was caused by the wind.
Whilst those creepy things I still practiced backflips but when I do the backflip when I got a mere second to glance at my back,I saw a baby running towards me and I was sure it was bleeding and got stitches on its body including the face.When I landed,I swiftly turned my eyes at my back expecting too see what I saw again but it was nowhere to be found and just a few seconds the doors of the closets opens up again and I hear scratches again.
I guess it wasnt the right time to be manly,so I swiftly bolted my way out of my room,my heart was pounding of fear.And when I got out,my mother was shocked of my face because I really looked terrified and my whole body was trembling.I never told her about it because she is easily spooked and scared,
I didnt return to my room at that time until my mom noticed,so I confessed to her.She was also scared when Im explaining,but in the midst of our conversation a doll fell in our television that looks exactly the same of what I saw.I was terrified,as in very terrified then my mom asked “Is it the same as the doll?” I then replied with a very weak voice “Precisely”
My Mom asked my Dad to just burry the doll,but a few hours later one of our neighbours knocked in our house and said “This doll is your brother’s daughter right?” I was shocked but I replied calmly “Yes” then I asked “Where did you found this?” My neighbour then said “It was just there sitting on the ground” I was immobilized in a moment and was scared.
Afterwards I showed it to my mom and she was scared,she asked me  why its still here when they’ve thrown it,then I explain everything to her.Since she cannot throw it away,my mom and dad decided to just burn it down and now its ashes and never returned. (From Philippines Ghost Stories)

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