Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Shadow

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Exactly 7 days ago, I think I got paranoid (with no reason at all, I just felt scared). I was still up at 11 PM watching TV. I went to my room to retire at around 11:15. I was already half asleep-half awake when I “thought” someone was knocking on my door. I ignored it thinking that it was just my imagination. But I heard it the second time, so I looked at the door and I swear I saw a shadow pass by my door. I saw the shadow because we always leave our living room lights on (and our living room is right outside my door). I thought maybe it was mom. So I got up, opened the door and found no one outside my room. I just shrugged my shoulder and went back to bed. Just when I felt comfortable back in my bed, I heard someone washing the dishes. Again, at first I doubted myself, and tried not to think of anything unusual but then I still hear the clanking of the dishes, glasses and other utensils. This went on for about 2 minutes until I could no longer help it. I ran out of my room, knocked like crazy on my mom’s door. She asked me what happened to which I replied “I saw a rat in my room” (not so lame excuse maybe). I just didn’t feel like telling her at that time. Starting that night I slept with her and my 2 nephews in their room.
Two days later, my mom told me she heard knocks and someone washing the dishes the same night before around the same time I heard mine. I was shocked because it was the same thing at the same time but different people and different night. Until then she was not aware of what I witnessed. After her telling me that, I also told her I experienced that too. And weirdly the following nights it stopped.
On the third night that I slept with them, I woke up at around 3:30 AM because it was so hot, because without us knowing there was a power blackout in the city. So I got back to bed and slept, just then I dreamt of losing a tooth. In our culture, if you dream of losing a tooth it means, someone may die. In my dream I learned that something bad was going to happen I just couldn’t pinpoint what it is. Oddly I forgot about my dream until what happened to me this morning. But before that I want to tell you that these past few days, I felt like I became sensitive to “them”.
While at work, I always have this feeling of being watched, one time I went to the CR and heard someone in the cubicle, but when I went out no one else was. She cannot get out without me noticing her because I was in the cubicle nearest the door. I try to ignore this feeling thinking I am just hallucinating or what. I just can’t believe that I am experiencing this at that rate, like daily. Here’s what happened just this morning, three hours ago.
I was on my way to work and for the first time I did not say good bye to my mom, I always tell her I’m leaving when I leave for work. It’s just that this morning due to an unknown reason I did not say good bye. For transportation, I ride a jeepney to work. In fact, it takes 2 rides to reach our office. I was about to have my second ride, I was crossing the street through the pedestrian lane when I was hit by a taxicab. I was stunned, shocked, and afraid. The good thing is nothing really happened to me, just a few scratches and an unusable shoe. The people who witnessed in fact told me I was indeed lucky because the taxi just kind of side-swept me. They are even amazed that I was still standing on my feet after what happened. I cannot even believe too.
Now I am just wondering if the things that happened this week are related or are they just coincidences. I am really confused now, I need help. And do you think someone in my family will die, or am I? I really need inputs. (From Philippine Ghost Stories)

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