Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Haunted Hospital

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My mom was looking for a job and she rang The Job services, she told them she would be happy to have a job anywhere as long as she got one. The person said there was a nursing Job going at T******* Hospital, and because my mom did nursing it was a bonus!
My dad was at work the day she had to go to the interview so my aunty took her instead. As they pulled up into the car park the hospital looked old, abandoned and neglected. But they continued to go in. Walking through the corridors there was no one about, but they turned a corner and saw a man walking ahead of them. They caught up with him and asked where the reception was, he told them and off they went following his directions. They came to a little room, filled with smashed windows! Inside the room, this is the creepy bit… Were old people sitting in their chairs just looking down at the floor!
My mom and my aunty made a run for it… They drove to the nearby clinic which was just down the road from the hospital! They told the women at the desk and she explained to them that hospital hasn’t been in use for over 20 years! And there would be absolutely no body in there! My mom still doesn’t know who was in that room and she doesn’t dare go back! (From Philippine Ghost Stories)

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