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Call Center

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This is a compilation of stories from different employees working in the call center where I used to work. Our office was located in a building that was converted from a warehouse to two story office building situated in Cebu City, Philippines. I was at first skeptical about ghosts, but I am now a believer. After all the stories and first hand experiences, I now believe that the office is haunted.
They said that when the area was still a warehouse, there was a family who lived there, where the mother and her daughter were brutally killed by her husband, who later committed suicide.
It was twelve noon and I was still taking calls when I saw a reflection of a little girl on my computer monitor, wearing a Sunday dress, pass behind me. When I turned to look, no one was there.
Then days after, I heard that one of my male office mates was in the men’s room when he saw the door through the mirror adjacent to the john slowly open. When he looked back, he saw a little girl sitting on the toilet bowl. He looked back facing the wall and closed his eyes and prayed the Lord’s Prayer, “Our father.” When he opened his eyes, he saw the little girl sitting in the wall urinal in front of him, reciting the prayer with him. He screamed to death, running out the men’s room.
I also had an experience when I was sleeping under my workstation (even if it is not allowed, he he he he) that somebody choked me in my dreams while I was asleep. When I woke up, I saw my hands reaching out to my co-worker’s foot, as what I had in my dream.
We have colleagues who can see the unseen. One time, my co-worker who had an open third eye, saw one of our co-workers who was taking calls in the corner of the office, under the wall-mounted split-type air conditioner with a man who she can only see. He was hanging from the air conditioner where his neck was tied with a rope. Apparently, this hanging man was staring at the girl below him, with his foot touching her head.
One incident was when two of my co-workers snuck in the training office. It was Sunday and there was no trainers there during Sundays. The two guys connected the chairs for them to lie down. One guy decided to go out since he was not comfortable with the area, while the other guy decided to sleep. The guy who stayed did not realize that his friend went out. When he called out to ask him to wake him up around 4 am, a little girl’s voice answered him, “Yes, no problem.” He got up and ran outside where he found his friend on his workstation. They went back to the room and found no one.
There are also incidents in the ladies room where they can hear a woman crying, singing or even calling their first names. People who are in training can hear whispers. Some can see faces reflected in their computer monitors. One of the managers has ashes on her work station even if she already cleaned the area the day before. She was told by her seat-mate, who has a third-eye, that she can see a burnt man who keeps visiting her work station.
The haunting kept on going for the next three years of our stay in that location. Fortunately, our company transferred to another location where we finally have our own building. Some employees claim that they can still see the little girl. (From Philippine Ghost Stories)

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