Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family Encounter

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My first encounter with ghost started when I was around 7-8 years old,being innocent and ignorant me and my 3 friends decided to explore a place near a grove of trees.There we played hide and seek(and more games originated in Philippines) until we all got exhausted and can barely walk already,we rested to catch some breath and just glanced at the sky while chit chatting things(Funny things).While we were talking my friend Rynal told Billie and Johnmark to went to the grove of trees because they might find some fruits there and his aunt was there doing some few errands so he thinks we will be safe(I wasnt informed directly because I needed to pee).
When I got back they told me of what they wanted to do,while me being the daring kid who doesnt care about the risks directly agreed without hesitations even though my mother always prohibited me to go there(My mother doesnt want me there because she believes ghosts dwells in that place but back then Im not a fan about such things and I dont believe it) 
So we were on the way when we saw traces of red liquid(Probably blood),we were curious of what it is and where it leads,we followed the track and it leads us to the side of my friends aunt(His aunt was facing backwards so she didnt notice anything) there was a lower portion of a humans body hanging while the internal organs are below it and it was drooling in blood!! It terrified us so much that we screamed like a fan girl in a justin bieber concert,we swiftly ran away from the place and went home to tell our parents.When I told my mother she quickly said to my father to go check it,when my father reached there together with some of his friends they didnt saw anything except my friends aunt who almost almost lost her soul when we screamed all of the sudden.The people then told my friends aunte and when she knew about it she was beyond terrified and quickly run into them.Since they didnt saw anything they went back from there houses but still all of them believed us because they also knew that that place is haunted.My mother then comfort me to calm my trembling body and just a few minutes I slept already,and in the midst of my slumber I was awoked by the rising temperature of the air.It was very hot and when I opened my eyes,there I saw a being I never saw personally ever before but only in movies,it was a half human and a half horse and holding a big fork thats burning while his entire body and eyes burns too.My mouth cannot produce a single sound so I just closed my eyes and strongly clasp my mothers arms,somehow I managed to sleep again in such scenario.And when I woke up it was already around 8:00 o’clock and my mother is preparing to go to work while my sisters are about to go to school(My father is the one who doesnt have a job and takes care of everything in the house as well as the one who serves as the family’s chauffer),my mother didnt allow me to go to school today to recover completely.

My mother went her way already and so is my sisters together with my father,I was the one left alone and they just let me watch a cartoon I’ve always wanted.When I got bored already,I decided to just clean the house a little.i started with sweeping the floor then fixing the bed and lastly piling the clothes.I was a little drained so I rest a little and when I got the urge to pee I then went to the C.R.But when I got back the house was a total mess,it was like a house that’s cpmpletly abandoned.The clothes were looking old and very dirty and the furnitures looks antique and is lying on the floor.My tears were falling while my heart is beating so fast and my body was trembling,and when I got a grip of myself I then quickly ran away from the house yelling and crying.And as I was running I heard someone calling my was a woman’s voice,very soft and gentle.When I heard it,it ceased me from running.And when I looked back.the house were normal again and a few moments my father arrived already so I somehow managed to be a little bit confident in going inside the house.I never told my father about it when he arrived so he wouldnt worry.This occurences strengthens my beliefs about things like spiritual beings,but sadly those evidence are kinda rash to me.But one thing is Im certain about what happened in our house,there was a spirit that wreck it while the one who called my name is the one that helped my and restores it.This also proves that there really are bad and good spirits in the world. (From Philippine Ghost Stories)

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