Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Unseen

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My experience with the unknown started when I was in high school, but it only happened once. When I went to college, I applied as working student and was assigned at the Biology Dept. It was located at the 5th floor of a San Jose building.
My first encounter happened during my training period. While cleaning the counter area, I freaked out when suddenly the polisher moved on its own and blocked my way. I screamed and jumped backward away from it. I called my colleagues for help. That time, my whole body went cold and couldn’t move. Then Mike and the others went out of the office upon hearing me and asked what happened. I told them and he just laughed. To prove that I wasn’t lying, I touched the control and tried to turn it off but it didn’t stop. That’s the time Mike ran towards the outlet and grabbed the wire and it’s the only time the polisher stopped.
Another experience; it was my first semester in the university and it was my turn to be the opener. Since there was a 7am class, I have to be there ahead of the faculty. I usually arrived earlier than 6 am or exactly at 6. When I got there, I would open all the gates and doors of the department and classroom before I go to one of the faculty rooms where I was assigned to clean. Every time I did the cleaning, I could always hear that someone’s also cleaning the upper drawing room on the 6th floor because of the dragging sound and falling down of the chairs. It happened several times but I didn’t freak out until I asked ‘manong’ (janitor) the person who was assigned to clean the drawing room above the faculty out of curiosity. He said that would be impossible, somebody would clean the rooms so early in the morning because no one would be doing that. They do all the cleaning before they go home every night. Upon hearing that, I couldn’t explain the fear I felt because all those time I was alone on that floor and since then, I would arrived at the university at 6:45 in the morning.
It didn’t stop there. Bizarre things continued to happen while I was still serving the department. I could hear a stool being dragged at 6pm in laboratory rooms, lights and fans turned on and off, door banging or being opened even if we locked it already, something heavy fall in the Instrument room and every time we checked it, there’s nothing there. We also experienced seeing a shadow passed in front of us. And during my last day in that department, while watering the plants in the botanical garden, I hear a child crying three times. I asked my colleagues if they hear it or if one of them was crying and they said no.
My fellow working students have different experiences in that department. Every working student in the university has really something to say about their respective departments, not just us.
The experience of the unknown made me realized that in this world we’re never alone. (From Philippine Ghost Stories)

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