Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Listen To Their Cry

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They say it’s normal for hospitals to be a dwelling place for ghosts or any unseen entities. I used to work in a big hospital in Pampanga; I worked in the laboratory department.
The laboratory is in the basement area together with the X-RAY Department and the purchasing/Central Supplies office. The hospital is not picking up well because of its far location, so during night shifts there is only One Staff on duty at the Laboratory. One staff at X-ray Dept and the Purchasing Office is closed.
It was one of those nights when I was on-duty alone. The laboratory is a big place more than 120 sqm in floor area, so I always stay in the receiving area where there is a TV. So while I was working on the computer with the TV tuned in on my favorite channel. A while later I noticed that the TV had switched channel. Nobody else was there and I did not switch it myself. I just ignored it; I switched it back to my favourite channel and continued with what I was doing. When I turned to look at the TV again, it was again tuned in another channel. I started to feel goose bumps, but I acted as if I was not scared.
Then a patient came in, a mother and her daughter, she wanted a urine test for her daughter. I entertained them, charged the bill and asked the mother to pay it at the Admitting Office, since the Cashier was closed. She brought her daughter with her, while they were upstairs paying the bill; I heard someone is crying, like a voice of a woman. The voice was coming from the outside the laboratory, so I went out to check if someone was there, no one was there, but I could still hear the crying voice. I was the only one person there that that because the x-ray tech does not stay in his post, he stays at the admitting office. I was so scared so I went inside the laboratory again, and the voice faded out. After a few minutes the mother and daughter came back. I asked her to collect the sample at the comfort room nearby, when they came back with the sample I asked them to stay and wait for the results.
The mother asked me,” are you not afraid being alone here? This place is so eerie…” I just shrugged and said…”I’m getting used to feeling scared”.
When the test was finished I handed them the results, then I asked her to stay for a while so I could go upstairs with them. I locked the laboratory and stayed at the admitting office for a while. (From Philippine Ghost Stories)

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