Tuesday, July 8, 2014


"She was once there and she never left," according to one housekeeper of PUP Jasmin hostel, reluctant to tell the exact room number of the so-called "haunted room." Residents of the hostel reveal that every time they pass by the corridor during late afternoon and early in the morning, they could hear murmurs and cries coming from the haunted room. Stories say that a female nursing board examinee committed suicide inside the room. Many have had experiences seeing her walking in her nursing uniform at the middle of the night or appearing in bathroom mirrors-with blood on her face. She also loves to knock on the door and if one opens, he would find no one but sense an eerie feeling. Residents believe that once you open the door, she comes in the room, so they advise not to open the door. (From Jonizel Lagunzad)